What happened to my dragon!? :o

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Okay so I wanted to fly with my sweet little smoke breath but I got really surprised when I chose him... Because he. Is. PINK! 


It really looks like I've hacked this colour, but I promise you guys, I would never ever hack!! I'm really against hacking and this kinda botheres me...


Here's a picture of my problem:


(Wtf is happening with my teeth in this pic? XD)


I don't have a fancy signature (YET!!)... Sorry XD


My name is HaddockBoy and yeah... This is my bad signature :p


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I would like to thank my best friend nevealpar for this beautiful picture of her and I :3


I can give you the names on my dragons! Woohoo!


Oscar - Gronckle (boy)

Amalie - Gronckle (girl)

Freya - Deadly Nadder (girl)

Alison - Deadly Nadder (girl)

Flamme - Monstrious Nightmare (boy)

Gas og Lyn - Hideous Zippleback (boy)

Toothless - Night Fury (boy)

Eir - Thunderdrum (boy)

Hugo - Whispering Death (boy)

Sif - Whispering Death (girl)

Thor - Skrill (boy)

Amp - Skrill (boy)

Gawen - Scauldron (girl)

Ariel - Scauldron (girl)

Fenris - Rumblehorn (boy)

Spartacus - Rumblehorn (boy)

Loke - Flightmare (boy)

Fluffy - Flightmare (boy)

Borr - Hobblegrunt (boy)

Magni - Smothering Smokebreath (boy)

Apollo - Smothering Smokebreath (boy)

Martin - Smothering Smokebreath (boy)

Balder - Typhoomerang (boy)

Leonardo Da Vinci - Typhoomeran (boy)

Freyr - Raincutter (boy)

Hades - Boneknapper (boy)

Ulrik - Boneknapper (boy)

Tyr - Hotburble (boy)

Meatball - Hotburble (boy)

Shrek - Hotburble (boy)

Forseti - Stormcutter (boy)

Mozart - Stormcutter (boy)

Newton - Stormcutter (boy)

Bragi - Snafflefang (boy)

Charlie - Snafflefang (boy)

Sine - Snafflefang (boy)

Cosine - Snafflefang (girl)

Erebus - Changewing (boy)

Riddler - Changewing (boy)

Houdini - Changewing (boy)

Hera - Fireworm Queen (girl)

Afrodite - Fireworm Queen (girl)

Zeus - Screaming Death (boy)

Skygge - Screaming Death (boy)

Poseidon - Tide Glider (boy)

Atlas - Scuttleclaw (boy)

Ull - Sandwraith (boy)

Ares - Sweet Death (boy)

Wolf - Woolly Howl (boy)

Skadi - Woolly Howl (girl)

Jack - Shivertooth (boy)


Pictures and other fancy stuff will come one day... XD

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I saw you :D

I saw you in the game! I was riding the silver stormcutter, and I thought your dragon looked cool :P

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Oooh awesooome!!! :O :D *-*


And thanks.. XD


It's not like I don't like the colours (They look inda awesome XD)... I just don't want people to think I'm a hacker O_O That would be horrible O_O

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Wow O.o Have you tried to recolor it...?




Made by kimbenoso


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Maybe you can try

Maybe you can try re-installing unity web browser?

Ugh, I've been accused of being a hacker once, not a long time ago. You probably know about that glitch that makes saddles white. I was at the training grounds with my nadder who has that glitched saddles, and then suddenly someone said 'hacker!' and everyone started shooting at me... it was horrible... it took me minutes to explain them that it was a glitch :/


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Working hard to get this signature even better! 



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Thanks God I havet experienced that, it should be terrible! I hope that no one accuses me of hacking some day! Im so sorry because of what happened to you, but its a good thing that you solved the problem, so its a happy ending :)




Thanks to Nessie for the gifs :)




Thanks to Nessie again for this banners :)



Here are my awesome dragons in birthday orther)

(Thanks to nessie for the name pictures XD)

(Im colombian, that´s why I put a "y" in my zippleback´s name but it means "and")

The next 2 banners were made by me, because Nessie teached me:


Im a proud member of the School of dragons anti-hacking team





Thanks to Nessie for the banner and thanks to Xelku9 for the class icons in devian art :)


Now lets play a game for little kids!!!!!... or for bored people XD...


Find the difference!!! can you find the difference between these two banners?

(If you dont wanna play, at least see the awesome banners!!!!!)


Yesssss!!!!! banner number 1 has two shields, while banner number 2 has four!!!!!


Thanks to Nessie again for the banners!!!!


Description of the banners: here you can see the colombian flag with a mesage and the shields in the corners are the colombian shield!!!!




Thanks to Nessie for this two banners, she is the best!!!!!