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I think i'm not the only one who thinks after watching a Movie or a Tv Show ''What happends if the main Charcter did this ''? 


Thats why i wanted to do a little Community  thing so this means you can talk about everything from Dreamworks Dragons to Game of Thrones to .... but be prepared of Spoilers so if you spoil anything just add WARNING SPOILER! above your text so people will notice it and won't start to hate you.


So anyways this is just for fun ^^



Ok here is mine 


Harry Potter What if Harry really died or stayed with Dumbledore?

Ok first Voldemort would win and will do what he wanted to do make Hogwarts only for Wizards and Witches without Muggelblood. Sec. He would fight against the Muggels after he takes over the Wizard World i guess.


Doctor Who What if Rose stayed with the Doctor(10th) ?

I think she would be his Partner but the Doctor wouldn't meet Martha and Donna 


HTTYD What if Hiccup showed Toothless early? 

I think the War against the Dragon wouldn't ended that easy and Toothless would be in the Cage like the other Dragons (Dragon Training)




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Wat if Hiccup killed Toothless in the forest when Toothless was tied up?


So... yeah- XD 
I'm back on the Forums agains


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