What else can I do after I have reached level 10??

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hey guys this is Paper. im from China :) i just started SoD last week and found it soooooooo amazing. now i've reached level 10 and my dragon is at level 14, but i really wonder when i can get a new quest? i've checked my notebook many times and it kept telling me no quest are available now. should i just wait for new quests to come, or try to earn XP so that i can get to the next level and have more quests?? 


thanks really for your help. XD


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Been there :P

Well,as you can see,most of us kept playing the mini games and gain XP,and a few have maxed out our dragon bond level. So...EARN EXPERIENCE POINTS WHILE HAVING FUN XD

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earning experience points while having fun! Good idea! but lol


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For now quests are waiting to

For now quests are waiting to be update, so there's nothing you can do about your Viking experience points. The viking max level is 10 and Dragon max level is 20 for now. So while waiting for more quests updates, you can join clans and earn trophies or pendant achievement for you and your clan. You can still enjoy the game and fight among the clan members out there. Right now there are clans hot in competition out there especially the top 10 clans. However, don't look down on the other not-so-active clan as well. Some of their members are actually packed with real fight in Fireball Frenzy and the Thunder Run.








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Actually, the viking, dragon,

Actually, the viking, dragon, and farming level max is 20 XD









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Play minigames for XP and

Play minigames for XP and talk to every viking for quests. I know the trader has a bunch of quests.

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There is much!

You can join a clan, or manage your own clan, in the game as well as in the forum; earn trophies from fireball frenzy and thunder run; improve your skills in both; can chat and play with the other players like hide and seek, sky diving etc. and much much more! ^^

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Actually, I recently saw a player with viking level 24. HOWWW


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I think that the max viking level is 25........but maybe not.