What Else Can a Dragon Eat?

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Since my rod is so weak and I can't get a composter I end up losing almost half of my bait (and thus, spent gold) per fishing session to salmon and the occasional slippery eel and when I discovered I could just feed my dragon on chicken eggs I figured I could just get another pen, a bunch of chickens and just feed my dragon on chicken eggs instead. However, I'd also like to know what else I can feed Windwaker. What else can I feed my Deadly Nadder?


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Sadly, currently the only way

Sadly, currently the only way to feed your dragon is to give it fish, or eggs... I do think that more features will be added soon though along with new choices of dragon food! ^_^


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Just a suggestion

If you only have basic rod, just go with Brown Trout, Halibut, Perch or Herring (Salmon is nearly impossible with a basic rod).


I prefer fishing, because it costs less. You only need 8 golds for each bait to get 1 fish vs 32 golds for each chicken feed to get 3 eggs. Besides egg only restores 5 points of energy, where fish restore 5-15 points of energy.

Brown Trout : 10 points

Perch              : 5 points

Halibut           : 10 points

Herring          : 5 points

Salmon          : 15 points

Eel                   : 0 point & minus happiness


It's better to feed your dragon fish (except eel), because its cheaper and you don't have to wait 25 minutes to get the eggs. Although you can feed your dragon both. Fishing in your farm while waiting the chicken to lays eggs :D


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That's assuming I catch

That's assuming I catch edible fish. When I fish I buy 10 worms (80 gold total) and then keep fishing until I'm out of bait. The real problem is on average I tend to lose half of those worms to inedible eels or uncatchable salmon and on bad fishing runs I walk away with two fish. My worst run to date was 3 salmon (uncaught of course), 6 eels (one got away) and 1 perch. As far as I see it I pay 32 gold for 3 eggs gauranteed per chicken whereas fishing is likely to waste approximately 40 gold. Sure I could sell the eels to Johann but my main concern is being able to feed my dragon and this only creates a vicious cycle where I spend on bait, lose half to eels and salmon, sell the eels, buy bait, repeat until I'm out of gold and have to wait for the farm or roast eels. I used to always have money problems and an ever hungry Nadder due to my terrible luck until I said "forget this, I'm feeding her chicken eggs!"


TL;DR: My main concern is feeding my dragon, I lose more money to eels and salmon than I get in return from edible fish on a usual fishing trip. At least with chickens I always get food in the form of their eggs and I have lots of chickens.

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Stolen subject

Try catching fish inside your farm or the fishing spot at school or wilderness. Wherever you see Perch or Brown Trout jumping is a good start to fish. That's how I started. You can also save up quite a few gems for the next rod to be able to at least catch some Salmon.


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True although..

Eggs male your dragon really happy compared to other fish, my dragons go nuts for em. XD
A couple of my dragons will also eat eels without any upset.

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Yes, but...

Also consider that different fishing spots give you different types of fish. The waterfall in the Wilderness has salmon pretty much exclusively, while the lake by the Hatchery is mostly perch and brown trout, with eel and salmon being pretty rare. That one might be a good choice until you can get a better rod - the one in your farm is mixed, but still has more salmon and eel than the one at the School. Not saying you couldn't get into some heavy-duty chicken farming, but if you can afford it the better rod is more efficient and a better value. At best, you get 15 points (3 eggs) for 32 coins farming chickens, but if you can reliably catch salmon you quadruple that proportion. 


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I prefer eggs over fish. 

I prefer eggs over fish.  Yes, you have to wait 25 minutes for each "batch" to be ready, but you can go and do other things in the meantime.  I have only 4 chickens, but just feeding them every time I stop by the farm I've gotten a store of about 100 eggs, and that's with feeding them to my dragon too.  Its true that it costs a bit more to do this, but if you plant some lavender every hour or so you really aren't hurting for coins.


Good luck!


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You can Eat Chicken eggs,

You can Eat Chicken eggs, Fish, minnows and ells (ells dont make your health bar go up only down) 



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by Tosi

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-Insert Subject-

I'd suggest catching Perch, but mostly feeding your dragon eggs. (i think you can also feed it minnows)



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By the way, if you wanna

By the way, if you wanna catch alot of Halibut (which is actually possible with a basic rod cause I fished one with before) then you're gonna have to go outside the school walls and there's a fishing spot there...however you only can go there if your dragon is in Adult stage because you have to fly. Or you can go to the sea in the school for halibut too.

I feed my dragon around 7-8 minnows after races because this is how I do it:

  1. My dragon is full energized. I can race 4 times because that is my dragon's limit so far.
  2. After my dragon cannot race anymore, I use the money I earned from the race to buy 8 minnows which is around 108 gold or so.
  3. And I repeat steps 1 and 2 xD

But yeah, if you have a level 9 to 11 dragon, the money won't cost much. I think.

But to sum it all up, I use minnows to feed Jack :D



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Stolen subject

Agreed. I used to fish for Halibut in here for a quest and with that glitch of getting one Halibut also grants lugworm baits which is why I had so many baits back then. I think it's made of an ice berg with a hole on its center as the fishing spot?

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I think..?

pretty sure truffles are an option to eat. they cost diamonds though, so... 







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