What dragon should I buy?

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I want to buy new dragon, some universal - good for battle and also for racing. Now I have three dragons Sand w., D. nadder and Eruptodon(lvl 26, 22, 21). My level is 25 and I have 46 000 UDT points. When I asked in chat, most players told me, that I should buy Stormcutter. I also like Triple strike, Snow wraith, Slither song and Wooly Howl. 


After this dragon, I would like to buy Thunderdrum (if I won't get him earlier) and Razorwhip.


Hope, you can give me some advice :)))

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Nightmare took my subject into the void.

I reccomend windwalkers, they are Tidal class and are quite good for racing, But sadly they arent a very common dragon. I'll tell you their exact stats.

Max speed: 8.3

Pitch rate: 5.0

Turn rate: 7.5

acceleration: 7.3

Firepower: 8.0

They are very fast, and they turn very well, and so they are very easy to control. Their fireball does 16 damage, and 32 damage for critical hits. Their fire also recharges quickly, so they can fire fast and do more damage. I did a battle just to see how well Nightmare (one of my windwalkers) would do in the battle, and I got second place and got 200 gems from the prize box.

I hope this helped.


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I personally would recommend a sand wraith,or as said above, because they're really good for racing, and battle as well. Tried doing a battle with my sand wraith, and easly got gold ;).

- the snow wraiths & wolly howls are also great for racing.