What does the cauldron and compost do?

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I'm not really a newbie here but I just want to clarify some things, does the cauldron make mystery boxes and if yes, what type? Do the compost really speed your plant growing and if yes, how much faster? Also, is the glider suit really worth the money?

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Old Wrinkly's Cauldron creats random game boosts in exchange for items. I suggest using wool, as it's the cheapest thing to feed it. Most of the random things are like Yaknog, Smart Bombs, Speed and Energy boosts, plus boosts for Alchemy Adventure. Unless you are into a lot of one-on-one competition, the Smart Bomb (Fireball Frenzy) and Speed (Flight Club) boosts are your best bet.


The composter takes your spoiled crops and turns it into worms. You need 5 spoiled crops and in exchange, it'll give you 5 Lugworms. Handy for salvaging what you can out of crops left too long.


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Thank you. I was just very unsure of these items. :D