what do you want in the new httyd series

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What would you like to see in the new httyd series me personally i want to see what happened to alvin and his alliance with berk and id like to see a episode about timberjacks they are very cool dragons. Id like to know your opinions

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I would also like to see what

I would also like to see what happened with Alvin and the Outcasts. Also: 

  • Hiccup making his flight suit and testing it, also his flame sword
  • Stoick getting Skullcrusher and Gobber getting Grump
  • Snotlout and Fishlegs fighting over Ruffnut 
  • Discovery of new lands and people 
  • Return of Dagur as one antagonist 
  • Maybe an episode with Thornado to see how he is doing with Bing Bam and Boom
  • More new dragons! Maybe include dragons from Rise of Berk such as Shockjaw, Hackatoo, Sand Wraith and Sweet Death among others

t1CK t0ck 8r8k H34DS honk HONK



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i would like them to explain

i would like them to explain how stoik got skullcrusher, and how gobber got grump



































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                                          name: VYPOR

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                                          dragon type: WHISPERING DEATH

                        dragon class: BOULDER

                        level: 19

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            name: SKELETRON

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            dragon class: BOULDER

            level: 6

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            name: ASMARA

            gender: girl

            colors: GREEN, DARK GREEN, LIGHT GREEN

            dragon type: SMOTHERING SMOKEBREATH

            dragon class: MYSTERY

            level: 5

            from: MYSTERY EGG CHEST

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Origins on skullcrusher and

Origins on skullcrusher and grump.
Tuff getting annoyed since snot and fish keep bugging ruff.
Reunite with scauldy
Reunite with torch again.
More daugur he was funny.
Gothi and all her terrors.
1 romancy episode.
Meet fish legs and ruff and tuff parents.
The twins acting smart


Mirage The Changewing!!

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This is What I'd Like to See

Here is my list:

- Setting: that it take place after HTTYD2

- That the Snotlout vs. Fishlegs dispute over Ruffnut gets resolved in such a way that ONE GUY gets her. Anything else would just make me shake my head.

- New dragons: I'd like to look at the dragons mentioned in HTTYD that bury its victims and turns them inside out...i know, it sounds odd. I just want to see what both look like.

- Hiccup dealing with his new Chief seat; obviously this will be an issue. Did you see his dad? Boy was he working hard! Some episodes had him putting large blocks of ice on his head.

- Bonding between Hiccup and other characters

- New characters.


And so on and so forth :)



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I'd like to see how they got

I'd like to see how they got Skullcrusher and Grump of course

And just wishful thinking but I'd like to see a wild Grapple Grounder in the show





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Long list alert!

I've got hopes for this one!

I hear it's going to be before httyd 2, by the way...

- I would really love a Thornado episode! The last one he was in made me cry, and I'd love to see how he's getting along with his new step kids.

- More dragons! It's be interesting to see a Grapple Grounder (they remind me so much of Asian Lungs), and Sand Wraiths are so elegant and feirce looking! Oh, and more Boneknapper episodes. That dragon is too awsome to be contained to just a short mini movie.

- Return of Scauldy and Torch! It'd be interesting if those two both showed up in Berk to see Ruff and Tuff, then end up having Barf & Belch rivaling against them!

- Wacky inventions are an absolute must! Hiccup's sword, what happened to his Gronkle Iron sheild, the stables, the water system, EVERYTHING! Also, possibly some new ones, like, say... explosives? (geeking out over the prospect of blowing stuff up).

- How Stoick and Gobber got their dragons! (this could also promot another rivalry episode, with Thornado and Skullcrusher being at odds!)

- And, off course, the return of Mildew, Dagur, and Alvin the Treacherous! (technicaly, Alvin would be on our side after the Outcast Wars, but, seriously, he is known as the Treacherous!)

Seriously, if the series producers ever need a pitch, they should just PM me, cause I've got whole notebook full of possible episodes! (er, it's a mental thing. Actually writing down all that would be weird. (sneeks a glance towards desk))








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I really want to see Hiccup and Astrid's wedding.  I mean, REALLY - we've been waiting for like SIX YEARS already!  Plus, Viking weddings were TONS of fun.  They'll have to tone down the drinking though, lol...


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I hope so, but I have this feeling that since its a major change in Hiccup and Astrid's life, that they may wait until HTTDY3 :(

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p.s I reread your last post

p.s I reread your last post and totally went back to Mildew talking about his three weddings and his wives three funerals HAHA :D XD

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My OC, Foxglove (soon-to-be-matriarch of/heir to the island of Bashem) and her changewing, Grimshaw. Because Tuffnut needs some love too, and by the hair of Odin's own beard, she's the one to give it to him.



Dreamworks, I don't think this is too much to ask.

She'll even show you her impressive mace collection as an added incentive.


But in all seriousness, I'm really looking forward to the story of how Stoick meets Skullcrusher. I'm also excited to see Hiccup and Astrids relationship grow ^_^



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LOOOLL! That's so true Tuffnut didn't have anyone in this movie...maybe the producers will catch wind of your character and add her ;) :)

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Man, that would just be the most awesome thing of my life.
Like, please Dreamworks. You have my full permission. I don't even want any money/compensation.
Use her. Tuffnut's sassy, fabulous love interest, right up there.
And please have Natalie Portman voice her, okay?

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And it totally works! You've

And it totally works! You've done the drawing so they just have to format it into whatever cartoon style they are using ;) Listen to her Dreamworks! :D

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Or! Heather. Tuff it seemed

Or! Heather. Tuff it seemed to like her quite a bit...


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PLEASE NO MORE HEATHER!! And if she does have to come back, spare Tuffnut! If Heather isn't good enough for Hiccup, she's not good enough for Tuff! lol Give her to Fishlegs. XD He can have her!











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Haha! Most people seem to

Haha! Most people seem to dislike fishlegs not his fault he is chubby o.o or is it?...

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lol It's not the chubbiness!

lol It's not the chubbiness! It's his personality, I think .. he's supposed to be a boy, but he giggles and squeals and talks to Meatlug like, "Aw .. hey baby. It's ok, Daddy's here." >.< Ergh. I dunno, I think there's something about him that's just .. not quite right! ROFL. But that's just my opinion. XD I actually only know one person who likes him! :P


Personally, I much prefer Snotlout .. he can be very annoying and a complete brat, but he's better than Fishlegs. XD



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Don't hate on Fish. :(

Fishlegs is actually one of my favorites. Besides Hiccup, Astrid, and Toothless. I think that he and Meatlug are sweet.


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How to Train Your Dragon: Ireth and Vespera Fable by Yamilink

Excellent, Wonderful story! Beautifully drawn comic book featuring an apothecary/alchemist trying to fit in with other Vikings on Berk as she overcomes her fear of dragons and befriends a particularly special dragon. Set 10 years after the Battle of the Red Death. Highly recommend the read!

* * * * * stars



No Longer Alone by peterparkersgirlfriend
The entire first movie from Toothless' point of view. Beautifully written, I personally think it captures Toothless' personality and heart like a photograph made out of words. Excellent read!

* * * * * stars

The Helmet by peterparkersgirlfriend
All of Gift of the Night Fury from Toothless' point of view. Held to much the same standard as its predecessor, this story is full of plot twists, danger, and exactly what was going through Toothless' head. Includes how Toothless found Hiccup's helmet!

* * * * (1/2) stars


A Father's Love

A bunch of one-shots about Hiccup, Astrid, and their new daughter. Embodies the very struggles that made the movies great. But instead of Stoick being the worried father, Hiccup takes the reins as he and Astrid try to raise their children to be not just warm, honest, and good people but good dragon riders as well!

* * * * stars



Basically, Hiccup is a viking Tarzan, raised by dragons. After a dragon raid, a peculiar machine shoots down a strange and dangerous dragon. And an even more strange and dangerous boy. Nothing short of spectacular, this book tugs at your heart strings and will pull you in like none other. Fabulous! It made me laugh, cry, and worry myself sick.

* * * (1/2) stars

(My tag line does NOT come from this author, it comes from my drama teacher.)


How to Train Your Dragon: A Guide
A humorously written handbook on the care and control of dragons



Alpha's Heir by Frostfire Markson

Big Challenges by dragonlover43

Dragons Ahead! by Buffert

Horizon by victoriae350

Toothless' Kingdom by dragonmic14

Shouldn't be hard to find. They're here on the forum!

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Meatlug is such a sweetheart! I love her so much <3

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Apparently the episodes will

Apparently the episodes will be based before httyd2 and each season will consist of 26 episodes instead of the past 2 seasons which were only 20

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What!? (imagine a minion saying that)

Phoey! :/ That makes me unhappy... :(

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Snaptrapper, Timberjack,

Snaptrapper, Timberjack, Skullcrusher, Grump, Scauldy, Screaming Death XD Lol, i hope these dragons are in the tv series.



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Another night fury, how

Another night fury, how stoick get skull crusher, how gobber get grump, what's valka doing when hiccup still 15, meet thornado with bing bang boom and meet torche, meet groundsplitter after 5 year


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I got one!

1. WHO. IS. STOKEHEAD?! He's a Timberjack, but no one in the series has ever even SEEN  Timberjack! Heck, we don't even know if Stokehead is a 'he'! Who's his trainer? Especially with all the Timberhacker drama in the game, some of us would really like to know.


2. Who is the Headmaster? We've never heard of him in the TV series. He's got an interesting Bio on the SoD site, but nothing else. A Bio interesting enough to actually be put into the TV series.


3. Does Heather really come back to be an Alchemist? Since when did she get good at chemistry and physics? I thought tht was Hiccup's cup of tea. I mean, Heather's smart, but is she that smart?


4. What happens between the Outcasts and Berk? Does Stoick give them a pardon and let them onto Berk (not likely) or does he simply make ammends with Alvin and let him come by and visit with Groundsplitter (more likely) every so often?

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Well, for me, I would like to see:




- An episode that give more focus on Astrid. The Fright Of Passage in DoB was great but they could make it better if they put aside that unecessary focus for the joke on Snotlout and the twins, no?


- I don't know why people hate Heather, but I would like to see her return and this time more as their friends who help Hiccup and his friends. Maybe even Heather and Astrid teamwork.


- More episode that focus on Hiccup. How he begin the idea to make Inferno, his flight suit, what happen to his Gronckle Iron Shield, the new feeding station, fire prevention contraptions and so on :)


- New enemy. I don't mind Dagur's return, though. It's always interesting to see Hiccup coming up with a way to fight his enemies/problems.


- Maybe an episode where Alvin helps Hiccup XD He's no longer their enemy, right?


- Episode that focus on Hiccup's bond with Toothless like the one in What Flies Beneath and Eel Effect. They were really good :3


- ...And yeah, I would really love to see Hiccup and Astrid's relationship grows to official couple and more open this time :)








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On the whole fishlegs topic i

On the whole fishlegs topic i personally like fishlegs athough i like tuffnut to be precise the boy twin. Fishlegs is diffrent from the others but thats good he has saved him and his friends on mamy occasions and yes he does talk to his dragon wierdly but im guessing meatlug likes it. Fishlegs brings so many unique talents to the table he knows everything there is about dragons and he has good plans which hiccup then modifys it which he always does to everything i think and i think fishlegs may have had hard growing up experience as he eats when hes upset so he must get upset alot but i like fishlegs and his knowledge about dragons helps the team greatly

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Yes, he is somewhat helpful,

Yes, he is somewhat helpful, I suppose .. :/ Although they seem to get along just fine without him. XD Also, it really annoys me how he acts like a suck-up whenever Stoick is around. >.<

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Okay, this is gonna be

Okay, this is gonna be long.

1) NEW DRAGONS ( Okay, they already kinda promised this to us )

Also more of Boneknappers !

2) NEW LANDS AND NEW CHARACTERS - seriously, we need some new characters. And i don't mean some new enemy or something like that, no, someone like Heather who becomes their friend or something. A character that is faraid of dragons'd be interesting. And maybe it could be a female character, cause we have enough of male characters, righ ?

3) MORE EPISODES FOCUED ON HICCUP/TOOTHLESS RELATIONSHIP - I know that we got enough of it in the movues, but hey, how can there ever be enough of their beautiful friendship ? And the series don't have many scenes

4) FOCUS ON ASTRID yeah, while wqe had eps about the twins and Snotlout and we know a lot about them, we still don't know a lot about Astird, and after the second movie, she is even more interesting and even more awesome and I'd love to see more episodes focused on her, her history and maybe even episodes 5) WHERE ASTRID AND STORMFLY ACTUALLY HAVE SOME KIND OF BONDING SCENES  cause everyone had it, and we have enough of Fishlegs ( I like that guy don't get me wrong ) talking weirdly to meatlug. Show me some sister bonding ! They always act like they undestand each other and that they have a good relationship but HOW DID IT HAPPEN ?

5) SOME SCENES BETWEEN HICCUP/ ASTRID AND PREFERABLY SOME ESTABILISHMENT OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP - cause evn non-hiccstrid shippers gotta admit that in the first movie an dthe series they act somehow awkardly and shy around each other and they don't have that much of a relationship but in the second movie they act like a married couple and they're definitely not afraid to show their interest to each other, even in front of some peopl, including their friends, soo ?

6) THE INVENTIONS - how did they came up with the stables ? How did they came up with the fire system ? How did they became the village we saw and how did Hiccup invent his suit and the sword :

7) SOME REALLY pew VILLAIN someone that's really scary, someone like Drago, you know ?

8) SOME BEAUTIFUL DRAGON ACADEMY MOMENTS to estabilish their friendship cause we still don't see all of them to be really absolute best friends with each other, you know ? Ohh, and also, THE RIDERS TEACHING THE REST OF THE VILLAGE censored TO RIDE DRAGONS cause come on, that just needs to happen, they gotta learn it somehow, right ?


We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh ?


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I looked at him and i saw myself

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Sometimes it is only a True Friend who knows what we mean when we try to speak

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For a Hero cannot triumph all the time. Sometimes he will be defeated, and how he faces that defeat is a test of his character

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The creator said they would include the origin of the flight suit, the secrets of the dragon blade, to Hiccup's romance with Astrid. They want to complete the bridge the gap between the first and second movie. I also heard a rumor about another season after this one ;) 




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Theres going to be 2 seasons

Theres going to be 2 seasons for sure. They cant just have 1 season because httyd 3 comes in 2017 so there needs to be atleast 2 seasons

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I cant wait to see the new

I cant wait to see the new episodes im so pumped and ready