What do you think about HTTYD 2?

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I saw the third trailer and I couldn't stop watching it over and over again!

Something I getted stuck on was that Astrid said "Hiccup do it babe!"

The trailer is AWESOME! Can't wait to see the movie!!!


This is what I think, what do you think?



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HiccStrid 4 Ever!

Lovin' it4 ever!

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I think the trailers gave too

I think the trailers gave too many spoilers and took too many jokes away. If I count correctly, 4 jokes. And that there's Hiccups Mom, a huge war, we know who the bad guy is. Also, Hic's Mom looked like a bad guy in the beginning - and they take away that she'S a good one. It would have been sooo better if they would have kept that a secret!


But except that: JWDHJWONJO I cannot wait! The new dragons! The glorious scenes! New characters!