What do you think about Cloudjumper's early sketch?

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 I don't know how the makers came up with this pic, but I kind of like the later sketch of Cloudjumper more...no offense to anyone who like the early sketch. I just wanna know what you think of the early sketch, isn't better? Or is it not as good?


Early sketch of Cloudjumper

Later (and final) sketch of Cloudjumper.





My Drawings


I LOVE Toothless!!!!!!!


Stormfly is AWESOME!

Moonstorm! Sorry it is turning left.

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Sorry for my spell mistakes.

Sorry for my spell mistakes. I meant, "...is it better..."

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Personally I don't really like either head design, but if I had to choose between them, I'd say the final version is nicer.


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I cannot see the pictures...

I cannot see the pictures... ?


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Dovah- Monstrous Nightmare

Odahviing- Flightmare

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Diablo- Typhoomerang

Maasofaniik-Whispering Death








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All I got to say is thank

All I got to say is thank goodness they changed that first version!!!!! Thats one ugly dragon!! xD 





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I actually like the first one

I actually like the first one quite a bit, but it may be because I'm so sick of seeing Cloudjumper heads everywhere....


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it looke like a skrill

it looke like a skrill



Image made by me



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I am very glad they decided

I am very glad they decided to change it to how cloudjumper looks now, the current stormcutter design is tied for my favorite dragon with the nadder.

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hey i opend the picture into

hey i opend the picture into a new tab and it said on the name of the tab that it was a snaffefang or something like that. not cloudjumper

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