What do you put on new signatures?

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Hey everybody, and sorry if this is a weird question, but what exactly do you put on a signature? I see a lot of pictures, but I don't have the equipment on my computer for that. Thanks for the help!


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Amazing Speed Stinger Bouncie by Rei








Adorable Night Stalker blinkie by Scorpio Kardia


Night Stalker OC Template by Kelcyk123

Adorable Night Stalker made by Arkeyla











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Well, you can put your Vikings in-game name in your signature, a list of the dragons you own and their names, you can also put your friend code so that people for the forum can add you in-game... and anything else you want, for example:

Quotes for movies or books you like... images of your dragons (or just stuff you like in-general) if you ever figure out how to take screenshots and post pictures... and a bunch of other stuff!

(Though please make sure you don't post anything inappropriate like nudity or swearing, also remember if you are going to post an image... make sure you have the creators permission to use it first, okay~)




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What in the world is a subject?

I could have not said it any better myself, Ren Roar.



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Now for my amazing bouncie section.







   Bouncie Credits In Order From Left To Right:

Thunderdrum by Defy

Night Fury by greenleaf123

Skrill by Rae Didgeridoo

Spinewist by TidanWolfGirl

Night Fury by Defy

Anti-Hacking Timberjack by Defy




        Epic gif and meme of me by Flame Sword. Thanks. (Not how I look anymore.)


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Wow, congratulations. You made it to the bottom of my signature. Thanks for reading it.

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And you...

And you don't really need a lot of fancy equipment to do some of this stuff.  Their are a LOT of very talented people who make some amazing images, but sometimes the simple copy and paste that all computers can do will work for a lot of it.  I just have to right click on an image I like, click copy to url, and then paste that info into the image box line that you can bring up in the box where you make your signature (and then type in the size that I want it to be).  But, like was already said, if you are interested in an image that is already here on the forums, pm the person and get permission to use the image first.  If you want to post one of your own screenshots, you can use a site like tinypic.  Look around the forum posts; there are a lot of really good topics that people have made that explain really well how to go about adding things to your signature. 

Good luck, and have fun!