What country do you come from?

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I'm from the United States,

I'm from the United States, so my native tounge is English. :p


I must say, of the few online communities I've joined over the years, I've never seen so many people from other countries. That's pretty impressive! 

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I'm from the Netherlands (if

I'm from the Netherlands (if you're wondering, it realy is that flat...), Dutch is the main language (i have no idea why it's called Dutch in English)I don't know why but I rather do things in English while everyone here is very bad at it... i'm gonna tell something about the country in Dutch, so:


Nederland ligt voor een groot deel onder de zeespiegel (dus onder water) maar het overstroomt niet door allemaal dijken enzo, daarom is Nederland erg goed met het land beschermen van water. Vooral een grote strook langs de kust is erg plat en daar zijn veel polders (met koeienweilanden) maar in het zuiden en oosten zijn er wel een paar heuvels, de hoogste is Vaalsenberg en hij is 322 m hoog (wij noemen al snel iets een berg...) Ik denk dat Nederland een uniek landschap heeft (niet heel positief bedoelt...) je vind nergens anders een plat land onder de zee.


I hate writing Dutch, it remindes me of school...







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yay, im not alone! 'M gonna talk in dutch to you now, ill translate it for those who wonder what i said.


Persoonlijk heb ik ook de voorkeur aan engels in plaats van Nederlands... Nederlands is gewoon een onlogishe taal, nietwaar?


Personally i also prefer the english language instead of Dutch... Dutch just is a unlogical language, isn't it?


And yes, most Dutch people think that way about their language... I can express myselfe better in english, because.... Well, i don't know why... I just do.

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IKR?? I always use random english words in a dutch sentence and after that I usualy wonder what those words are in dutch...

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I'm from Bosnia and

I'm from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and my mothertongue language is Serbian. I don't have any problems with speaking english. And here goes my intoducing...:P :D


Моје име је Исидора Којић, долазим из мале држабе, али су људи могу рећи опичени до бола. А и ја. Имам 18 година, и перверзњак сам тешки, што у овој игрици се баш не смије испољавати јер има и дјеце испод 10 година. Обожавам "How to train your Dragon" и SoD, и не могу дочекати да изађе "How to train your Dragon 2". Велики сам фан овог цртаћа. :D


That's it. xD



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I understood what you wrote! (which is a miracle xD)

I'm from Serbia so I should be fluent in Serbian, though I'm not since my mother tongue is Hungarian. x3

A nema veze, bitno je da sam te razumela! xD Plus pises sa cirilicom sto mrzin since elementary school. xD

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Bre! Neznam ja ništa


Neznam ja ništa hrvatsko/srbsko ja blefiram XD

Ja sam iz Slovenije ;)

Amazonite nejsan ja znao da si ti od Srbije XD

Če sam ja neka čudnoga napisao, se opravičujam XD

Yeah, I just know some words and I am guessing none of what I wrote is correct? XD XD XD




The artwork above made by me!

INCREDIBLE artwork by Pixel! You can check out her art thread, and request right HERE! :D thanks, Pixel! ^^

Awesome festive artwork above made by secret santa MoonWatcherNight! Thank you so much! :D


I quit the game for an unknown period of time so I'm not joining any clan.


                                                                 My dragons! :D                                      




I mean, I have more dragons but I'm just way too lazy to make new banners as dragons come out, y'know?



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And yet another German...

Hallo, ich bin Ellena aus Deutschland, Bayern um genau zu sein.


Soo... I'm another German. ^^

In daily live I talk German, but English with my American and other non-German friends, so I'm pretty fluent in that too.

Some of my friends also try to teach me Russian, French and Spanish, but there I only know a few words yet.

In school I had Lating though, so if I have to I can decifer easy French, Spanish and Italian texts. But that I only do if there's really no other way, because often enought I'm waaaay off.



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Cordis V
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I just speak plain old English. I'm trying to learn Spanish, but I've only taken it for about a year, so my vocabulary is seriously limited. : )



Cordis &...


Stormbringer (Nadder)

Wavesplitter (Thumderdrum)

Darkeyes (Whispering Death)

Magmus (Gronckle)

Starbright (Flightmare)


Please feel free to shoot me a friend request! My code? AKTVAA


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The only thing I can say in

The only thing I can say in spanish is:

Es una rana in la calie. (Sorry for any grammar errors...)

meaning: There is a frog on the street.


Still it's very impressive to non-Spanish-Speakers if you just shout it out of nowhere ^^

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Cordis V
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I just speak plain old English. I'm trying to learn Spanish, but I've only taken it for about a year, so my vocabulary is seriously limited. : )

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Okay then: I'm Sophia Hoviedi

Okay then:


I'm Sophia Hoviedi XD My name, yes, my name XD


I am from Middleton, Manchester, England, UK XD


I have a background of Greek, Cypriot, Iranian and English.


I can speak fluent English, I was born here, obviously XD


My father is Iranian, and he taught me from when I was a baby, but I am not that fluent yet. Here is a simple sentence, Iranian written in English letters:


Salom! Chitori? Isme man Sophia eh! Khobe? Man khobam!


That meant:


Hello! How are you? My name is Sophia! Are you okay? I am okay!


Hehe, I always use that. I haven't learnt how to write in Iranian yet though :P


I went Egypt and I was wearing sunglasses. When Egyptian people asked me to show them my eyes, they thought I was Egyptian!


I had a tan in a day.


Iranian+Greek= Dark skin, eyes and hair most of the time XD


My skin is a honey colour again now XD My tan has gone XD XD XD


Hello!! I'll do my best to help <33

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Üdv! ^^

Hiya, I'm completely new to the forum; I started the game just a few days ago too.

I'm from Serbia, but my nationality is Hungarian (never lived in Hungary, though). If it comes to languages, well, my relationship with them is pretty complicated. xD

I should be fluently speaking in Serbian, since I'm living here, but I'm not. When I'm talking with my Serbian friends, I usually throw English words into my Serbian sentences without even thinking. Ne pricam dovoljno dobro da bi napisala knjigu, ali niko ne bi mogao da me prodaje, jer znam toliko da bar razumem ako neko bi to pokusao. (i nikad ne mogu da potrefim padeze) xD Also, I absolutely hate the cyrillic alphabet. >__< I don't even know how to make my keyboard to write in cyrillic.

My Hungarian isn't exactly the Hungarian that's spoken in Hungary because of the Serbian influence. We have words that Hungarian Hungarians don't understand and vice-versa. Amikor kicsi voltam és átmentünk Magyarországra, sokszor nem értettem, hogy miért hívják például a siskát frufrunak, vagy a gyógyszertárat patikának, ami nálunk viszont edzőcipőt jelent.
Sokszor hallottam, hogy aki nem született magyar, az nehéznek találja a nyelvünket; egy angolnak vagy szerbnek például fogalma sincs róla, hogy ni az a ragozás. xD Ebben a magyar hasonlít a censoredánra, mert a censoredán is ragokat használ, így én is sokkal könnyebben tanulom a censoredánt, mint például a szerb csoporttársaim. :D

I think I can say that my English is okay, but I tend to make horrific mistakes sometimes, so please correct me if you find something that's written wrong. ._.

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  Sono Romena ma vivo in


Sono Romena ma vivo in Italia da 24 anni perché sono stata adottata da una famiglia meravigliosa,quindi la mia lingua nativa è l'Italiano ma censored intenzione di imparare il Romeno presto o tardi. Sono una filomate,ossia un amante della conoscenza,censored molti interessi quali la Scienza,la politica,le culture del mondo,la musica antica ed etnica,le lingue (censored studiato Latino e Greco Antico,ma voglio studiare il Tedesco e il Tibetano,conosco già il suo alfabeto),il disegno,la Medicina (voglio studiarla in Germania) etc.

Non censored problemi ad usare l'Inglese perché per me è una lingua facile da usare con una grammatica più semplice e dinamica a differenza dell'Italiano che è più difficile e artificioso.

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Seems like I´ll be the only

Seems like I´ll be the only one from Slovakia (Slovak Republic) :D then nice to meet you :) here´s my language (lol seems so weird to write here in my language xD)


Ahojte! Volám sa Danka, pochádzam zo Slovenska, túto hru hrám od leta a na film Ako si vycvičiť draka som narazila len pred pár mesiacmi, keď som úplnou náhodou na tento film narazila v televízore. Bola to láska na prvý pohľad, hneď ako som uvidela Bezzubécensored :D


It´s actually said that my language is really difficult to learn by foreigns :D


Welcome to my siggy!   


Once a Leopard, always a Leopard...


My buddies :)



Adoptables :)





My OCs :)         

Original lineart here: http://cypeo.deviantart.com/art/Free-Nightfury-Lineart-317176628?offset=20

It was a rainy night. Me and my Stormcutter were searching for a strange looking ship which was reported to be seen by Hiccup way too close to Berk. Without knowing whether it´s an enemy or not, I volunteered to explore it from a shorter distance . But the ship was nowhere to be found and the weather went really bad.

As it was harder and harder to see due to the heavy rain, we found a smaller cave. "Nice!" I said to my Stormcutter. "We can stay here for a while, at least until the heavy rain will stop."

We entered the cave. But as soon as we did, I realized there was something wrong there. The cave was glowing a little! Without any fear, I started to come closer and closer, deeper and deeper into the cave, to find the source of the neon light. I was so surprised when I found it was the Neon Furry! She was badly injured on her wing. Without any hesitation, I decided to help her. I tossed her some fish I had left. She gladly accepted it. I reached out my hand to pet her. She was a little hesitant, but eventually, we became buddies. Later, I discovered she was all alone in the cave. For some reason, her parents abandoned her and never came back for her. Up until now, no one knows what happend - wheather they were killed, or something else happend to them.

Lineart and colourng were all made by me :)


     Recently, there´s been a new trend here in Berk. Everyone owns a Terrible Terrors. Everywhere I go, I can see those small little guys. I was curious what´s this comotion about, so I asked Hiccup. He answered that they are great for training and that their purpose is to use them as an air mail! Now I started to be even more curious, and also wanted to have my own little Terror. SO, the first thing I did was mount my Sand Wraith Pluto and went to the search for Terrors. It wasn´t that hard to find them, but the question was, how to choose from that amount of differently coloured Terrors.

     I didn´t know what to do. They were all so adorable I couldn´t chose just one! I gave up on this idea and returned to Berk. But the thoughts about those Terrors didn´t leave me.

The next day, I decided to go with Pluto for some fresh air. We were just flying freely in the clouds, but Pluto started to be thirsty, so we landed near a river. ,,Take your time Pluto, we´ll have a little break, so you can catch some fresh fish if you´re hungry." In the meantime, I took a walk past the river. Suddenly, I found an abandoned egg! I hurried to save the egg, because it looked like it´ll be drowned in the river if I don´t catch it! ,,Oh my, I´m glad I found you! It would have ended badly for you if you´d rolled all the way down to the river! Why are you here? And all alone?! I´ll take care of you from now on...But wait, I need to show you to Hiccup! I´m not sure, your color is a bit strange, but..can you be...?" I whistled to Pluto and we returned to Berk. I found Hiccup and showed him the egg. It really was a Terrible Terror egg! I couldn´t believe it. I decided to raise him. I had some struggles with it, but Hiccup helped me.

     At last, the egg hatched. But it wasn´t him - it was her! Her colors were just like the egg - orange and pink. I named her Ribbon. She´s a little sweet angel. I feel like our encounter was kind of like a fate. I could feel the bond between us. ,,Come on Ribbon! Let´s begin our training! :)"


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You know, many people confuse

You know, many people confuse your country with mine :/


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Jeeej takže nie som jediná zo

Jeeej takže nie som jediná zo Slovenska. :D



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Metal? My church.

Judas? My priest.

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I don't consider myself an elitist.

Still feel compelled to mention that just because you played Steve Vai's signature guitar during Superbowl and spent a few years judging the way people sing on a reality show doesn't mean you'll ever come close to having moves like Jagger.




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Woo ty si zo Slovenska?! :D

Woo ty si zo Slovenska?! :D konecnie niekto! :D uz som sa vazne bala ze som jedina xD

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 No niekedy mozeme

 No niekedy mozeme podebatovat ak by sa ti chcelo. ;)

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jasan, ja rada :3

jasan, ja rada :3

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Hello I am LokiJoe ! I come
Hello I am LokiJoe !
I come from Germany ,
to be
precise from Bavaria.

I am the proud leader of

DragonBreed !

Maybe we'll meet once a game.

Happy Snoggletog to all!!!

Greetings from Germany !!!




Strong as an Heart of an Dragon



Join Us!!!

We allways search for Active Racer who loves to play the Game!

50+ Trophies must be requires


Hackers and Cheaters are NOT Welcome


Name in Game:LokiJoe 






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Gronkel ( Gronki )

Flightmare ( Spooky )

Stormcutter ( Buster )

Skrill ( Blitzer )

Raincutter ( Raina )

Thunderdrum ( Donnergod )

Scauldron ( Gustl )

Tyhpoomerang ( Tygie )

Smokebreath ( HerrQualm )

Flightmare ( Madame )

Fireworm Queen ( Golddust)

Monsterous Nightmare ( Freddy )

Screaming Death ( Koshi )

Tide Glider ( Whiplash )







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I'm from Germany, my normal

I'm from Germany, my normal language is german but i don't have problems with english :P


 = Bluefirestormx =
= Once a Phantom, Always a Phantom =







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Hello guys, I am from

Hello guys, I am from Slovenia!

And I am not the only one, my neighbour plays it too XD

Also my friend here on the forums is Slovene XD

Zdravo, sem Žiga in sem iz Slovenije. Naš jezik je prav čuden in kar rajši govorim v angleščini. To je prav čudno, ker se angleščine v Sloveniji nikoli ne uporablja. Sem pač čudak XD

Ja, tudi zanimive črke imamo. Kar dajte, strmite v te črke in se čudite; č š ž č š ž č š ž č š ž XD


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I think my favorite's lunch

Hi, my in game name is Hermesssss :)

mi nombre  en el juego es Hermessss :)


I am from puerto Rico

Yo soy de Puerto Rico


but i grew up mostly in Florida (about 12 yrs of my life)

pero yo creci mas en Florida


I learned to speak English first because I went to live in Florida when i was young

Yo aprendi hablar ingles primero porque yo fui a vivir en Florida quando yo fue chiquito 


And I am still learning spanish, beacause my family is from puerto rico

y toda via estoy apriendendo español, porque mi familia es de Puerto Rico


nice to meet you

buena conocerte





Um I kinda wanted to try this?: http://pfq.me/Nadderstrike







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I am from

I am from Slovakia.

Slovenčina je pravdepodobne jeden z tých obtiažnejších a divných jazykov, ale aj tak je celkom v pohode. Aj keď musím priznať, že v škole je slovenčina priam mučenie. No ale nejako sa to musí vydržať. No ale na matematiku nemá nič. Fuj, najhoršia hodina na svete. No fajn, to už je trocha od veci. Ale nevadí, mala som čosi povedať, tak sa stalo. ;)


Yeah, kinda funny language. X)



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Hello guys,   My real name is

Hello guys,


My real name is not Middy or xX Midnight Xx. I am from and live in the USA (United States of America). I speak English, but I know a little Spanish and am interested in learning Greek. I think it's cool to see all of the different languages on here :)


Currently Inactive In-Game







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just found this and completely love it! it's amazing to see so many countries =D you can now add Canada to the list!


so here is mine!

Allô tout le monde! j'suis Québécoise (Canada) et je parle français. Sauf que le français du Québec comprend des mots du franglais et du joual qui est la langue populaire. Et étant donné que j'habite près de la capitale fédérale, je parle aussi anglais et je suis en train d'apprendre l'espagnol. =)


Stop here if you want to have fun with Google translate ^^ If you don't want to, here is the translation ;)


Hi everyone! I'm from the province of Québec in Canada and my first language is French but the Québécois French is a mix of French, frenglish and Joual (popular language). And since I live near the federal capital, I also speak English and I'm learning Spanish at the moment. =) 





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Nice topic :D

Scrolled a little and found it. Nice idea. ^^ So I shall introduce myself in a few words.


Cześć wszystkim! Wołają na mnie Ikaru i pochodzę z Polski. Poza językiem ojczystym mówię dość płynnie po angielsku, troszkę po niemiecku i dużo mniej niż trochę po japońsku. Nie wiem, co jeszcze napisać, więc zostawię to tak jak jest. :)


Have fun translating. :D



In-game name: Vulpina

Age: Adult

Gender: F

Owned dragons:

  • Uriel (Monstrous Nightmare lvl 24)
  • Hades (Whispering Death lvl 30)
  • Rubyeye (Whispering Death lvl 30)
  • Muspyg ♂ (Gronckle lvl 24)
  • Asura ♂ (Screaming Death lvl 30)
  • Nightfall ♀ (Deadly Nadder lvl 28)
  • Tanathos ♂ (Devilish Dervish lvl 25)
  • Thunderwave ♀ (Thunderdrum lvl 26)
  • Smoothdrill ♀ (Whispering Death lvl 30)
  • Jekyll & Hyde ♂ (Hideous Zippleback lvl 20)
  • Electro (Shockjaw lvl 20)
  • Icicle ♂ (Groncicle lvl 10)
  • Deadlyaria ♀ (Death Song lvl 21)
  • Sharpsteel ♀ (Razorwhip lvl 22)
  • Irontail ♂ (Armorwing lvl 6)
  • Rocksmasher (Snafflefang lvl 4)
  • Pandora ♀ (Whispering Death lvl 17)
  • Sapphire (Whispering Death lvl17)
  • Fury (Screaming Death lvl 9)
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Hi i am from saudi arabia :)

Hi i am from saudi arabia and my language is arabic :)

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I am dutch and I am surprised that so much other people are too!

I will say someting in dutch if you want to see:


hallo mensen ik weet niks om te typen, maar dat maakt niet veel uit omdat alleen andere Nederlanders dit begrijpen of je moet dit vertalen :D


Truly AMAZING Stormwing and Brightnight by KareKare. Thanks again!!!



My dragons



Micky~Deadly Nadder~Female

Rody~Monstrous Nightmare~Male

Ignis~Monstrous Nightmare~Female





Ria~Wispering Death~Female

Sindy&Mindy~Hideous Zippleback~Female




Calienta~Fireworm Queen~Female


Cobalt~Tide Glider~Female


Vantur~Screaming Death~Female

Toxic~Woolly Howl~Female

Oasis~Sand Wraith~Female




(Im trying to keep updating my dragon list but Im failing XD I may miss a dragon)



My Nightfury's

Brightnight by MidnightMare

Brightnight bouncie by amerissa2890adorable Brightnight by MidnightMare

awesome Brightnight by Reiraku

Super cute Brightnight by SoulStereo

Brightnight by me :D (please dont steal)

if you  want one pm me but please not to hard because Im still learning. feel free to request but take it easy on me!(+ I have the right to not do your request if its too complicated)

cute Brightnight with and without alphaglow by arkeyla

super cute Brightnight by arkeyla

Brightnight art by Autumn5467

awesome Brightnight by DesertDragon22

beautifull Brightnight by Autumn5467

Brightnight by Golden Scarlet



Nightwalker edit by me



My clan

(by Glacecia)

(by Hjonard32)

My adopts



Cacao the Scuttleclaw by Cuttongue

super cute Cacao by Defy

Lifetail the Nightfury by chocolate24

Fury the Timberjack by chocolate24



Dawneye the nightfury/skrill hybrid by Reiraku

Greenstripe by yin to the yang

(nameless) Chinese dragon by Glacecia

Ventus the Windsong adopted from and made by goldenfury360. thank you!! I love these species

13 by skrill77Suneye the Nightfury adopted from skrillfan

Aqua one of the 10 Lightfury's adopted from Kelcyk123.

this is her backstory:


it all began with a blue nightfury egg. in the woods there was a blue nightfury egg. it was differend then the others. its parents where worried about the strange color:"are you sure this is a normal nightfury egg?" said Plasma. "I dont know...." said Diamond "but what can we do about it?". the parents of this rare nightfury didn't had much time to worry at all as the weird dragon hatched. the little creature crawld out of the egg shell. the mother walked up to it while it looked scared to the new world. "dont worry little...... Aqua, you are safe here". the blue nightfury tried to say something back but when it tried some weird other language came out of its mouth. a few days later Aqua still couldn't talk other then that other weird language but decided to make some friends. other Nightfury's where playing with eachother and one of them walked up to the newling. "hello, my name is Nightsky, whats yours?" Aqua tried to talk again but it just didn't work so the other hatchling "Nightsky" just walked away and so did Aqua. there is where the bad thing happend. the leader of the dragon pack came to look at the new baby's and it was Aquas turn. the leader was shocked about the weird colors and decided that Aqua must leave the pack. the poor Aqua couldn't bring any argument because she just couldn't talk so she left.

a few years later Aqua was hunting on a wild yak on her own of course when she heard another sound. She walked to it and it happend to be a human. Aqua never saw it before but heard of it. when Aqua was clearly in sight the human talked to her and said:" a nightfury!!! wait a minute, it is not dark colored, its more like a Lightfury. and walked up to Aqua. Aqua didn't know that a human isn't supposed to under stand her but said:"hello.... human my name is Aqua". the human was shocked that the dragon called "Aqua" could talk but answerd. "hello my name is Mirrel," said the human. Aqua liked the human and starded a conversation for the first time and so came it that they became loyal friends.




Bone the Nightfury adopted from SoulStereo

Surrexit the srill adopted from Scoubidous

Copper adopted from Owlydragons

Silver adopted from cloudboy

Silver edit by me

cute terrible terror adopted from SadoMazoCat

super awesome Midnight the Chilling Horror by goldenfury360

(still nameless) Celestial Soul by kimbenoso (soooooooo glittery :D)

Lily the nature dragon adopted from Kowwa_The_Stutter

Trava adopted from DesertDragon22

Shadow the Sand Wraith adopted from MidnightMare

Groon the Slargret adopted fom blockEdragon

Breeze the air Night Fury adopted from Fleetwing

Hot Chocolate adopted from SadoMazoCat

Verum adopted from Nessie

Iridis adopted from Autumn5467

Tigris the easily scared Ore Fury adopted from StellaMontague

Bruno the cute Changewing adopted from Nova (Natalia Romanova)

Lila the Terrible Terror adopted from Nova

Lavendershadow the Raincutter adopted from DesertDragon22

Seaessence adopted from Nova

Starry the Snafflefang adopted from Autumn5467

Ruby the vampire looking Nightfury adopted from StellaMontague



(still nameless) Nightfury adopted from rasvim1313


(still nameless) adopted from rasvim1313

Indigo the Aqua-finned Sea Swimmer by Golden Scarlet



Verde the Spirepoint Gemspitter adopted from NightmareRebuff

Verde full body also by NightmareRebuff

Gemwing adopted from rasvim1313....

...and Goldflight also from rasvim :D

this boy is the child of Gemwing and Goldflight. he has miniture wings so will never fly :( but Im sure he'll be happy anyway :D made by rasvim

(still nameless) "ice" fury adopted from Defy



Edits and bouncies of some of my dragons





Stormwing by Sephira

Stormwing and Brightnight by MidnightMare


Stormwing by MidnightMare



Super cute Micky by OwlyDragons


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Hi I am from

Hi I am from Indonesia.
Wwwoooyyyy nama gua di game Silver Stallion. Gua dari Indonesia. Makasih.


Welcome to my Signature!!!!


Viking Name: Silver Stallion


Best Friend: Electro (Skrill)


Clan: Saber Tooth Tigers (Leader)



Silver Stallion and Electro made by talented Aeral!


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Hi I am from

Hi I am from Indonesia.
Wwwoooyyyy nama gua di game Silver Stallion. Gua dari Indonesia. Makasih.