What is the best racing gear and dragon combination?

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I'm unsure what gear and dragons are the best at racing because their stat cards are often inaccurate. I currently have Toothless, the Light Fury, and all 3 Night Lights; which I'm assuming are the best? Unless a different dragon is better than all of those choices, or a specific dragon from that list is better... I'm unsure. 


After someone informs me what is the best racing dragon, could I be informed of the best available saddle and racing outfits to go with it?


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I've found that the Light

I've found that the Light Fury and a mix of Death Song, Screaming Death and Night Fury armor is best for racing. I forget which pieces of armor, you'd just have to look at the stats and see what's highest, if you have the armor.


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It depends on your racing route and skill


My racing armour mainly contributes to happiness and speed, it isnt too efficient for dragons with a bad turn rate


Mine is the alpha T helm and mask

Screaming death Chest

Alpha T Trousers (Wear Night Fury trousers if u want better turn)

Alpha T Bracers

Skrill Boots


For me, who doesn't have membership dragons, pouncer or ruffnuffer, the sand wraith or Dart seem to be the best dragons for me


Saddle wise, seen as Dart doesn't have a saddle, the saddle I use for the sand wraiths are the wooden ones with the barrels at the end (i forgot the name) 

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Hailstorm ate my subject

If you search up racing armor stats for school of dragons and look for a coulple minutes you should be able to find a racing armor page. From there, you can pick out your favorite racing armor. As for dragons, look in the store and click on the stats to see the racing stats. But in my experience (I am a very good racer so trust me on this) sand wraith with riders saddle, furies with riders or masters saddle (forgot stats for those), and the nightlights are the best racing dragons. I reconmend pouncer of all the nightlight because I have heard he is a beast in racing.


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List of best Racing Gear as of now:

The best chests are Lightning Skrill, Skrill, Thawfest Screaming Death and Screaming Death (5% speed)

The best helmets are Bright Stormcutter Helm and Alpha Toothless Helm (3% speed)

The best shoulder pads are Diamond Nadder (4% speed)

The best pants are Diamond Nadder and Nadder (3% turn, 2% pitch)

The best wristbands are Alpha Toothles, Diamond Nadder, Nadder, Night Fury, Stormcutter, Deathsong Black and Deathsong Bronze (2% turn, 2% pitch)

The best boots are Diamond Nadder (2% pitch, 2% turn) or Bright Stormcutter (1% speed), the boots depend on which dragon you're using, and their specific turn, diving, or speed needs





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The real issue

The problem is not what's the best racing clothing , but why they removed all the premium race gear from the store. Everyone who started playing after I would say august 2019  have not had a opportunity to buy the best racing gear. Maybe , they are working on new outfits and gear for racing like light fury clothing . However , they seem obsessed with making 1200 gem flight suits that do nothing in racing. Or new dragon tactics clothing they make that is meaningless in racing. Racing has been left out  by the developers and on the back burner with no new racing clothing in seriously like years and no one really seems to complain that they did this. 

Dragons like toothless , light fury , sand wrath and the night lights are pretty much the best . However, great race gear beats having a fast dragon. 

These codes help gather you some race clothing . Skrillthrill and cloudcover will give you some nice race gear if you know how to redeem the codes . 





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It's not that everyone doesn't care that they haven't been releasing new race gear and that they removed a bunch of the clothes from the store, it's just that there's not much we can do about it. Everyone voiced their concerns when the store cleaning was happening and for the most part no real answers were given. Someone did post that they pmed Brynjolf about it and he said that the store cleaning was being done to make room for new items but that was the only answer given. No details about when we could expect that new stuff or if there would be new race gear replacing the old gear. There have been people ask when we're going to see new race gear but so far those questions have been ignored. With our questions going unanswered, there's unfortunately nothing we can do but wait and hope that they eventually release something other than those expensive flightsuits.


I have a theory as to why Dragon Tactics has become the center of attention and TRR has been put on the backburner. For years there were people who kept suggesting that a fighting game should be added to SoD. When they finally added DT I figure that the devs and Jumpstart higher ups thought that DT would end up being the more popular mini game due to the fact that so many people kept suggesting that there should be some kind of fighting game so they started focusing on DT related updates and left TRR out. I don't hate DT but I have been kind of irritated that DT keeps getting all these updates while TRR is hardly getting anything. I am grateful they let us keep the Hidden Lights track though. It's absolutely beautiful.


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