What are trophies, and how do I get them?

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I'm gonna sound really dumb, but what are trophies? I noticed it's something a lot of players count. How do i check how many I have? How do I get them? Thanks in advanced


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Trophies are things you can get by racing in multiplayer or challenging other players in other minigames. Getting them isn't hard.

If you want to check how many trophies you possess, go to your viking profile page, and you will see how many you possess.




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You can get trophies by competing with others in Thunder Run Racing or Fireball Frenzy!
You get 15 trophies each round if you win in Fireball Frenzy, but lose 15 if you don't.
In Thunder Run Racing, you get 10 trophies from coming in 1st, 5 from 2nd, and 2 from 3rd


You can check how many trophies you have by simply viewing your viking profile.

They should be listed underneath the little gem-pen to change your vikings name.
Like so:




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