What are some good YT channels to watch in free time?

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Hi guys! So I'm kinda bored. And I'm watching YT.
As you might know, the country where I live, Hungary is not a big country=less YT channels. I have finished watching almost all videos of the only three YT channels which are good, entertaining, and being created by intelligent people. And now I don't know what to watch. I can speak only English and Hungarian, so I can watch videos only in these two languages.
What I want this channel to be?
Funny (I want to laugh), entertaining (nothing dull, gameplay, challenge and reaction videos are not accepted), interesting (a channel with interesting facts about the environment, science, everyday life, etc...) and possibly a 12+ channel (no 18+, not much swearing (I can't say no swearing because 12+ channels usually contain it), and I can't say no adult jokes because 90% of the 12+ channels contain adult jokes).
So... Any ideas?


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Studio C. Fits your description pretty nicely, a lot of funny videos. 10/10 :)


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Well...the two I really recommend are on the list you don't want to watch. This is hard because all I watch is gaming or sometimes reaction of the same youtuber. The only channel that I can think of is asapSCIENCE that is close to what you want. Hopefully it's available in your country because the stuff they upload is so interesting. Its science about a lot of things including your own body. But the guy isn't funny. I apologize if this isn't available in your country and that this is the only channel that I can think/know of that matches to what you want. Oh and the people (because there is more than one person on the channel) don't swear at all.



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I like to keep up on current

I like to keep up on current news and there's a youtube named Phillip DeFranco he does a great job at keeping his opinion and the story separate, It also makes really nice background noise if your drawing or something. Also, I like the channel Its Ok To Be Smart, They do a lot of what if videos and it's really cool!



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Brave Wilderness

Brave Wilderness 

Lots of cool animals and animal facts. It's not 12+, it's actually pretty kid friendly. Other than that I don't have any more suggestions because I watch mostly gaming and challenge videos. 

Hope this helps and that Brave Wilderness is interesting :)

(This channel doesn't really match your preferences, but I wanted to suggest it anyway)



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Look up Mr bean cartoons.

Look up Mr bean cartoons. It's really funny. My kids love to watch it. I use to watch his show when I was younger. The goof stuff he does make me laugh. Also fgtv ... I hope I got it right. My son has a obsession with hello neighbor. They play it on there. The guy is funny. Hope this helps.


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You must watch Jacksfilms

I love watching this YouTuber named Jacksfilms. I'm not sure if you've heard of him already, because he's a bit popular. He's a YouTube comedian who makes short comedic skits. I wouldn't say you'd learn something from him, but I'm pretty sure you'd get a good laugh from him. He also posts rather often, but he already has a lot of old videos to catch up on.


And just a heads up, sometimes, by the end of some of his videos, he advertises his sponsor of the day. Just skip the sponsor cuz there's usually something waiting at the very end.


This is just some of my old favorite vids from him. Go check em out (In this order hahaha):

"What to do if Trump wins" - https://youtu.be/9tk_9zhWm14

"10 000$ Dog VS 1$ Dog" - https://youtu.be/ketCUtFpzNo

"Protein Shake" - https://youtu.be/Gh9Dv5D5aCM

"Please don't photoshop this" - https://youtu.be/JTHERk6v4hU

"Please don't photoshop our wedding photo" - https://youtu.be/cRTwgPj0qx4


Hope ya have a good binge

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