What are Clan Buttons?

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The question is the topic of this thread. What is a Clan Button?

Well, I'm not sure if this already exist though, but I don't mean to steal an idea. I got this idea in a F.I.R.S.T Robotics competition when the teams were handing out buttons, cards and stuff to tell that they, or you support their team and alliances.

Clan Buttons are similar. You post them on your signature to show support for yours or other clans


This is an example

You don't have to be in their clan to have this button. You can be lets say in the Dragon Racers and you can have a Spirit of Valhall button posted on you signature. (just an example)

This just shows if you support this clan if it is in need.

Buttons can also have a quote or phrase that represents the clan.

(Yah, not many buttons are made. I haven't seen this anywhere so I don't think I stole an idea) Description of this example is posted above.

Also you can use these buttons for links to the clan page. It couldn't just say, "click here for clan info" or something like that. Any button can have a link to a clan page or elsewhere that at least is clan related.


So anyway, Here is a starter button. This isn't really full sized but you can edit this however you like if it is your clan. You will find supporting clan buttons on the main clan page, or artworks.



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