a week and still not getting a toothless

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I waited for a week and nothing I have not even RECEIVED reply to my messages in the mail support, my only problem is toothless and also the stable that's what you get for membership three months let me know if there is anything really can be done or generally as one should expect because I took a week waiting and just do not even received an answer, this is something a bit frustrating since one payment for this is that there must be complications with the new upgrade scauldron but still want even a response and know that they are already working on the problem or at least how long I wait,



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Same here!!!!

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Hey GadoWolfer, we are sorry

Hey GadoWolfer, we are sorry for the inconvenience, in no way has customer support been ignoring your requests, they try and get through as many problems as fast as possible. Could you send me a personal message with the ticket number you recieved after contacting customer support?