We need new mini games

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Hello, all!

I was doing some thinking, because of course I was, and I thought, "Man, SoD would be even more fun if we had some new minigames."

Well, what do I mean?

Hide and Seek. People play this all the time by themselves, so naturally, a mini game for this would be awesome. With an actual timer, a way to 'blind' the seeker for that time, and a way to decisively find someone, I think it could be super fun.

Swimming, UNDERWATER. Sure, we get a taste of this with several expansions and the Thornado Flight Club, but cmon, competitive dragon swimming??? You can't tell me this wouldn't be fun. Like a new addition to Thunder Run!

Advanced Race Courses. Lots of us have the race courses memorized by heart. It's not challenging anymore. So, give us some really tough and complicated new race courses. People would be able to choose the 'advanced' setting, so no one who didn't want to would have to, and people who did could really test themselves. Plus, since the newer race courses are pretty much devoid of cheats, I feel like it would be a solid race and a fair one too.

Whispering Death Race Course. I dunno, I liked the Groundsplitter Flight Club.

Flightless Dragon Racing. Ditto.

Credits Island 'fun fair'. Using Credits as a way to bring back old, lost minigames as a sort of festival would be really fun and fit the whole fair vibe. Plus, prizes for winning the games!

Cooking. I get a little annoyed with all the crops I can't do anything with. Let me cook them and feed them to my dragons for goodness sake.

Anywho, that is all (for now), let me know what you think!


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I'm all for that especially the flightless dragon racing and COOKING that'd be so much fun you could make cakes cause we have wheat flax, and eggs... all you need and soups it'd be a LOT of fun.


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Soups, breads, cakes... the list is endless. I'm imagining a Toothless cake. Maybe we'd even get a little pantry in our hideout to display our foods!

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Eh, I like the idea of using

Eh, I like the idea of using Credit Island to showcase the game's history, like the older character models, as well as maybe showing off the promo they've added to World of JumpStart in the past.


One mini-game I wish they would bring back is Bulls-Eye Lagoon. I assume they never really got rid of it, and can still make touch-ups to bring it back.


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That's a little what I mean, with bringing back old minigames... eel sh.oot, playing with dragons, bullseye lagoon... old models would be cool to see as well, maybe like a little Museum type area about the 'School's past'. I personally think it would fit in perfectly with the school aesthetic!

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What if they brought back

What if they brought back bulls eye lagoon as a way to very slightly increase the chance of critical hits? I mean there would have to be a max limit to how much you can increase it to but still but also I really like the idea of credits being the history of sod up till this point


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I can't get enough of thinking that SoD is the perfect game to recreate a MOBA, since Dragons and Titans was a dragon MOBA game and it doesn't exist anymore, it would be fair to pass the crown to SoD

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Ooh this would be epic

It would be fun if there were little clan vs clan events every now and then, NOT LIKE CLASH OF CLANS, but like ones akin to Dragon Tactics where you try to 'take out' the other teams members and win prizes! It would be cool if Dragon Tactics had a pvp as well, but one that matched you against people your same level with dragons the same level as yours. Yknow, to be fair.

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They could make an actual

They could make an actual racing lobby and put everything there like a spot for flightless racing regular racing mini games gives us a spot to explore and just hang out with others as well as not needing to leave thunder run to feed our dragons they could even have a dragon care station in the lobby where you could pet wash feed your dragon and even change saddles and paint like in the other post I made (it's under suggestions if u wanna look at it)

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We desperately need a racing lobby... one with 'portals' to different race selections. It would be epic!

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Toothless is amazin
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Exactly one main area with

Exactly one main area with dragon care area portals maybe some rings in the sky you can fly through just for fun a racing group ability (you invite someone to the group by clicking on them sending an invitation then it's like you wanna join you say yes or no similar to clans but this is temporary and you auto leave when leaving the racing lobby) some new mini games like dragon sledding eel game return a relax area that you and your dragon can go swimming and stuff you know just a really cool hang out area that you can Bond more with other players and your dragon

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Dragon sledding! I never even thought of this, makes total sense to me now! And yes, these minigames should give xp because that just makes sense.

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Toothless is amazin
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Dragon sledding could also

Dragon sledding could also probably be done with teen dragons as well it could either a new mini game or a new racing feature

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Bring me some pie!

Old mini games too. Really miss them! I agree with the water racing, been asking for this for awhile.
Flightless dragons racing would be fun
Cooking for yourself and your dragon! I want a drinking animation for our character. Along with sitting, and laying down. We have benches, chairs, and a bed. It's a waste of space since we can't use them.
Hide and seek would be fun! I would join!



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100% percent!

I've been wanting personal animations for the longest time! Standing on a bench doesn't really have the same effect as sitting, and I would love to be able to actually sleep... seriously, our avatars haven't ever had a moment of sleep in game. It would be nice if you could sit down in other people's hideouts too, just for the whole 'party' thing I've seen people do.

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I agree with all the mini

I agree with all the mini games!

They also should have more clan specific mini games, like maybe mazes (I like the event mazes, and am always sad when they go when it's over.) that you can do to earn trophies and compete against others!

I mostly miss the dragon mini games so that I could level them up faster.


Plus another mini game I miss the most, is the chemistry one! Like, who doesn't love mixing chemicals together and creating stuff??? 
They should bring it back, or at least some sort of chemistry game so that you could find specific ingredients, and even collect some from wild dragons (like Flightmare mist) and other stuff, and make things like different types of potions for your dragons!


Plus another mini game that would be fun, is making your own outfits/dragon saddles/even dragon armor from things you collect at your farm, and can collect from wild dragons too!




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Clan Mazes!!!

I agree with everything here, especially those mazes. Mazes are my favourite!