Ways to lvl up your dragon

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I know some goood ways to level up dragons (they are not all fast).


1: Only do quests with the dragon you want to lvl up e.g baby shockjaw named shocky.


2: Send your dragon on stable quests (remember that even if your dragon has the right traits it also needs to be at a sertain level so some quests babies and teens cannot do and some quests only titans can do).


3: Buy a ton of eels in the store and force feed them to you dragon until all happiness has left his/her body, then play with them until they run out of energy and continue the cycle until you run out of eels (this is best for baby dragons and also does not work with typhoomerang).


4: Get out an adult dragon and wait for a battle event, then before the event ends land and change to your baby dragon.


5: Play eel roast to level 30.


6: Play alchemy adventure.


7: Play fireball frenzy.


8: Play any other minigame.


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