A way to get the most out of dragon energy!

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This is pretty much a general tip, but do not feed your dragon all the way. Let me explain why.


A fish gives the same energy every time you feed it to your dragons. However, SoD doesn't stop you from feeding it until it's full. However, SoD doesn't treat this as extra energy. Let me explain; Suppose you have 2 perches, and your dragon's energy is at 65, and it's max energy is 72. Sure, you can feed your dragon both the fish, and it will be in full health, but it will lose the energy it could have gained. which in this case is 3. It may not seem like it, but these points do add up. In fact, if you keep maxing the dragon's energy with more than enough energy, you end up wasting the chance to race and get the most out of the fish.


It may be a little complex to think about, but this tip could save you a lot of fish in the long run.


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