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Anyone notice how on the mobile app all the oceans and lakes and rivers all look so FAKE now? Like before the update it looked like actual water, now all it resembles is blue marble. seriously 













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twice the water was frozen

twice the water was frozen and i turnwd my volume up and it di no sound welp



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I am no longer going to be active on the forums. I was bad at english and naive so sorry about that... anyway happy new year. Yes, its empty in here because my signature got deleted and this happened multiple times now. I had art that I had permission to put here and now thats gone. It may be in my track and I am too lazy to get it back so yeah that sucks a lot. At least my signature is empty... hooray I guess. I am not going to make a new account because I simply grew up from this game and its not worth it so my last thing I will type here is to have a nice day :')
There used to be dates here when I returned but the saving process broke so thats gone now