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I was playing this game back in early 2017 (or was it 2016). But despite it being fun, I stopped playing it very quickly because I didn't manage to find others to play with me, and due to the fact that you can't really get anywhere without paying.


However, I wanted to give the game a new chance because there aren't many games out there where you can ride cool dragons, and I love HTTYD. I even remembered my old account name, so why not starting over, learneing the mechhanics again and see if i'll becvome a long time player this time?

...Well, that's what I wanted to do, but it appeary that you have to be paying premium currency to ba able to DELETE your character. All I wanted was a fresh start, but I'm already blocked by a paywall :/

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i can totally play with you ( we can see each other in game ), and you may not be able to delete the vikings because you dont have 50 gems ( i know it's frustrating ) so at that point, you will have to continue, or create a whole new account.

It's not true you can't get anyway without paying, it will just take more time, more patience and more "skills" but it can be done, believe me.

Hope this helps :D ( don't look at my english.....i'm terrible at spelling, and talking the language in general XD )



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Aww that's nice of you. But as of things cuurrently are, I don't really know if I want to play anymore. Getting a new account would be dumb because I would have to make a new email adress just foor that and continuing is meh because I really doon't like the name/look of my dragon anymore and I really justt wantted  a fresh start.


You can? As far as I know you can't even leave the first Zone without paying and thus also can't get other dragons..


And don't worry about yoour english, I'm not an native english speaker either^^

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If you don't want to continue with your old viking then I suggest just making a new account. It's free to make an account and all you'd have to do is come up with another email.


This game has really improved in ways to get gems since I started playing back in November 2014. There's battles you can do every 2 hours at the Training Grounds and you can have a chance of getting gems from the battle mystery chest. There's also stable quests and the daily log in which gives more gems than it used to. There's been several people that use the forum state that they have never spent a cent on the game but they have every dragon available in the game, several titans, a good selection of clothes for their viking, saddles for their dragons, have done every expansion, and they have lots of farm and hideout decorations.


I mentioned before that there are stable quests that offer gems. There's 2 that I know of that if you have the right dragons you can get a 100% success rate on them. One is in the top middle slot. If you have 4 level 30 Zipplebacks you get a 100% success rate on it. The other one is in the top left slot and if you have 3 level 30 Monstrous Nightmares you get a 100% success rate on it. I know some people don't like multiples of a species but they're a good investment if you want to get gems and titan runes from stable quests. Of course, you have to have stables to house these dragons but you can get stables from battle chests(I've gotten a lot of stables from battles) and you can save up for a stable with a month of consecutive log ins just from the gems you get from the daily bonus.


It takes time, effort, and patience to get gems if you don't spend money on the game to buy gems but it can be done which I really appreciate.


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Seems like many things changed since I last was here^^ I got some gems from the login bonus of my old character so I was able to delete that character now, so I'll give it another shot

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Yeah, a lot has definitely changed over the years. I love that they've added more ways to get gems without spending money on the game.


Glad to hear that you were able to delete your old viking and that you're going to give the game another chance. Hope to see you around sometime. :)