Wanted to get Gems

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Hello team!


I made a brand new PayPal Account, and I thought I could buy some nice gems (since most of the cool features are for gems...) an I was able to buy 400 (twice for 1.99) and it worked petfectly fine! I was abe to buy a new helmet, etc. The money was taken right from my Bank Account


Now I wanted to buy this gem pack for 5.99, but suddenly it's not possible to say that they have to take the money from my bank account. Why doesn't it work now, when it did at the first two times?


I bought the 400 gems yesterday, and tried to do that today again.



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Hi Acanthea. Sorry about this

Hi Acanthea. Sorry about this inconvenience. Could you please email us at gaming@schoolofdragons.com with a brief description of the issue you encountered along with your game account username? We'll fix this as soon as we can.