Want to draw art of you dragon and viking?

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For the people that wants to draw art of their viking, dragons or anything in general, but dont know where you get the program to do it ( for example: Photoshop). Well im going to "show" two different free programs where you can draw amazing art like other people you have seen in the forums.


~ First of: http://mrdoob.com/projects/harmony/#sketchy

This website lets you draw for free, no dowloads, and you can save the drawings. It also have different brushes and colors. And it moves really smoothly with computer mouse/touchpad

Example by me: (not good art, these where drawn in a few minutes so that i had some examples :3 )


~ Then for the people that can handle more and want to be more proffesional: Krita ~ https://krita.org/

This is the perfect place to do photoshop, digital art etc. There is a bunch of tools and brushes and ITS FOR FREE

I had this for a while now and havent experienced any problems, so you just download it and you good to go! (its very similar to photoshop)


~ So if you or your parents dont want to download things (like Krita) you can just use the first website (http://mrdoob.com/projects/harmony/#sketchy) and if you/they are ok with downloading you can go for Krita.

Have fun! ^~^



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Who needs photoshop? 

If you're more of a 'traditionalist' in digital art or just like simple things, SAI will suit you just fine. 

It's also completely free and you can find it on google. And let's not forget GIMP. You can do magic with it, if you learn how to... that's the hard part, haha...

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Never heard of SAI, im going to check it out :3 

And i agree, the learning of how every tool works is really hard xD

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For example many tutorials on Deviantart are for drawing in SAI and many streamers show their drawing process in SAI... it's pretty much commonly known program.


And I draw in SAI too. Because it's easy to play with the lines of your art and edit them and merge them and copy them and scale and translate them and all that. I even draw my signature the first day I came to the forum to be more eye-catching.


So yeah, if you want to be able to draw ''magical'' stuff like this, you'll love SAI.

You can sketch as much as you want and then create lineart out of it and then sketch some more and eventually end up with something similar like this. Then of course there are many brushes you can create, edit, download and so on.


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It looks awesome, but it's says that after 31 days you need to purchase it's to continue using it. Or did i understand it wrong?

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Depends which Sai version do you download and from where, but the newest one does cost cca 37€ in total that's right... 

*chuckles* If you want the most fancy-iest version, you'll most probably need a... rather big donation.

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Oh thank you thank you thank

Oh thank you thank you thank you!!

I always just kept asking everyone how did they draw something, and now you come and *bam* answer lies here XD

I will check them out! :D Thanksy! :D




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INCREDIBLE artwork by Pixel! You can check out her art thread, and request right HERE! :D thanks, Pixel! ^^

Awesome festive artwork above made by secret santa MoonWatcherNight! Thank you so much! :D


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I mean, I have more dragons but I'm just way too lazy to make new banners as dragons come out, y'know?



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Thanks! :3 

Cant wait to see the amazing art you will come up with!

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Tracking :3

Tracking :3





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