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Hello, all!

I have, as of late, learned how to take video of my desktop. After much trials and tribulations (I think I made nine intro vids as tests playing with settings and programs) I have some videos to share. So far, I have an introduction and two fishing videos, one with the basic rod, and one with the advanced rod. Depending on whether these are found useful (who am I kidding I like sharing) I'll hopefully make more in the future!

(Note: I am an adult, and these do go through a quality control person to make sure there's nothing unsuitable for tiny ears. Not that there should be, but I am just cautious.)


Fishing Basics and Basic Fishing Pole

Advanced Fishing Rod


Not sure what I'll do as I make more. Probably post an update reply then add the links here as well.

If you have any questions, from clarification on something I said to whatever, send me a PM, message me on YouTube, or reply here.


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you should check on the SOD videos on youtube, they are cool! :)



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I should! I haven't checked

I should! I haven't checked any out, mostly because I don't want to copy anyone. (That and I don't want to feel redundant xD)

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I watched them and they rocked! ^_^

Make more- please! xD


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