This is a very surreal moment for me

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Because Amanita and Crossfire are finally together!  I don't care if the Grapple Grounder looks like it got chewed up by a Bewilderbeast and spat out again.  I finally have my main dragon!



We gonna go kick some butts!




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Congratulations on getting

Congratulations on getting the dragon you've been waiting for! I don't know is it just me warming up to the dragon or it's your screenshot that made the dragon looks a lot better than I first saw it (but yeah still bit weird, feel sorry for you) anyway the two looks great! happy for you


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Congrats! I knew you'd be excited for the Grapple Grounder! So glad you could have Crossfire at last!


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It might not be the same as

It might not be the same as the origanal but I still think it looks pritty cool. It looks like a dragon from the HTTYD books. On another note I bet it was anoying to wait this long. I was lucky. My two favrot dragons (the skrill and the whispering death) were already out when I joined the game. Have fun with your buddy. :)



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Congratulations! And I just

Congratulations! And I just have to say, It takes a strong bond with your dragon to be able to ignore such design flaws like that, so I applaud you. I don't think I'd be able to do that, MAJOR respect. 


Crossfire actually looks great with those colors, and legitimately makes me less unimpressed with the design. Plus that baby is adorable!


So again I say congrats, and good luck on your journeys together. 


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...I was actually expecting

...I was actually expecting you to be furious about what they did to Grapple Grounders, I admit. ;w;

That said, these screeshots are kinda making it look better. I'm all torn about buying it again. ;n;


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*Insert Subject Here*

The game one looks like an abomination that can't even hold its head up, but somehow Crossfire looks better.

Glad you got the dragon you've wanted!


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Wow! I'm glad you got your

Wow! I'm glad you got your dragon! :D

Those pictures make it seem a lot better than the picture than the admins posted.

And don't you think that the Shrek face mask might, you know, scare the hatchling? XD


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LOL I KNOW.  I meant to take

LOL I KNOW.  I meant to take it off but I forgot about it.  XD

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Thanks, guys!  I knew the

Thanks, guys!  I knew the Grapple Grounder would come out wonky, so I braced myself for the worst.  This is actually the worst, not gonna sugar coat it.  I'm the tiniest bit disappointed they didn't put more work into it, but I'm not at all surprised.  I'm still happy, either way, because butchered or not the Grapple Grounder is my favorite dragon.

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I think my favorite's lunch

please note that this isnt aimed directly at you, I really love the colors you chose and how you still love your dragon. I hope you have a lot of fun with him! He looks very impressive! 


Everyone says that this is tha absolute worst that they could of done, but lets face it it is not the absolute worst.

*cough cough "Hobblegrunt" cough cough


Everyone was hoping for the dragon to be like the HTTYD game (which is pretty bad imo. Didnt buy it after researching it because my god they ruined so much, like you can take the tails off dragons and they can still fly??? that was kind of a major part to the movie that they cant fly? or that you can have more than one night fury? or completely change the look of a dragon until it doesnt look like it should be able to breathe!) but the model that was used was the one from Rise of Berk a longer skinnier version of the same dragon, which the developers did a pretty decent job at the recreation. Now I understand the hate but you also shouldn't say that this is the worst because at least its the same species *cough cough hobblegrunt*


Could it have been done better, yes. The head could be more rounded, the frame a little thicker, and the pattern a little more visible

Could a new animation been created, most certainly. Or at least a combination of the animations could have sufficed, like a scauldron neck movement, whispering death roar thing, zippleback run/sitting, and a skrill hover animation with maybe a scauldron flight pattern (I feel like those bodies would bounce a lot)? 

But it still isnt the absolute worst thing. It could have been smaller, with different horns, less patterns etc., plus it isnt overpriced like the stormcutter was for all the demand it recieved, which needless to say was very impressive. I think this dragon got about the same amount of demand as the stormcutter. 


TL:DR its not the worst possible thing, but it could be better, even though they used RoB as a guide.


(also I am kinda wondering why the heck does everyone put the DS picture of a grapple grounder, seeing as the DS graphics are prety limited to say the least... at least use the Xbox/wii version if anyone would like to critique it.)


Please use these pictures at least to base the criticism on? The DS version just looks way to blocky and hard to distinguish most features, and i play on my DS a lot!


***** let's try to make this bad situation a decent one********

Here's my attempt to calm the masses. The dragon in the HTTYD video game is so much thicker because those were specifically bred to fight, to be more muscular, while these ones arent needed to fight so the skinnier ones are more common.


Um I kinda wanted to try this?: