Verums dragon collection!

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Hey everyone! I've seen a lot of people show off their entire dragon collection so i wanted to do the same! (i would of drawn all my dragons if my tablet hadn't of broke)


Anyways here we go!


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Nubs the Lightfury


IGN | JayVerum |
Clan | Darkest wing of freedom |



Nubs - Lightfury

Fen - Deathsong (Dragonsona)

Komu - Scauldron

Pavel - Grapple Grounder

Morro - Stormcutter

Stingray - Triple Stryke

Butch - Sentinel

Tyrant - Eruptodon

Omega - Deadly Nadder

Helheim - Razorwhip

Tenno - Razorwhip

Baro - Flame Whipper

Greentooth - Thunderdrum

Copperhead - Armorwing

Nubteeth - Singetail

Tamir - Hobblegrunt

Manus - Fireworm King

Riftwood - Sharptooth

GrimSpike - ScreamingDeath

Honeydew - Typhoomerang

StormHead - Skrill

FireWorm - Monstrous Nightmare

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Name: Hiddenwing

Species: Nightfury(Toothless model)

Class: Strike

Note: (Don't worry this is just photoshopped)


Name: Stingray

Species: Triple Stryke

Class: Strike

Note: a big baby


Name: Omega

Species: Deadly Nadder

Class: Tracker

Note: a reference to omega flowey


Name: Pavel

Species: Grapple Grounder

Class: Boulder

Note: based off of my oc that goes by the same name


Name: Tamir

Species: HobbleGrunt

Class: Stoker

Note: based off of a sona of mine