Upgraded a dragon to titan stage but it's back to adult stage

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Hello, I've got an issue regarding my Woolly Howl.

Yesterday I upgraded it from adult to titan wing stage using 500 gems. Everything was alright, I did some quests and changed locations. The problem occured when I left the game and logged in the next day.

When I started the game my dragon had his teen/adult look again and was described as "teen Woolly Howl" on my list of dragons but had a picture of a titan dragon. I went to the hatchery to check if growing the dragon up from teen to adult would change anything. After that, my dragon is described as adult Wolly Howl and the picture of its titan stage changed to the adult stage look.

The quests are at the same level as I left them yesterday and my gems are gone too. It's just my Woolly Howl that has travelled back in time. 

I play on a PC with Windows 10 and use Google Chrome.

I'm attaching a picture presenting my issue. I apologize for poor quality of image, I wasn't expecting to create this topic so I didn't take proper screenshots.

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you could try contacting an Admin, Brynjolf could work. I don't have any titans so I don't have that problems. Hope it gets fixed!




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Well, I had similar problem problem in march and contacted Brynjolf. He said they're working on it but then I didn't get a single message untill I wrote to him after over a month :/ Then again, he said they're working on it... It's July now and they still haven't fixed that so good luck texting him :c



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Thats why I mostly suggest ppl to contact the support directly with an E Mail. Im sure Brynjolf is only a moderator for the SoD social media net works. He problably cant do more than bringing those things up to the support team in the meanwhile.









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Try to send an E Mail to support@schoolofdragons.com and tell them the Titan problem. They could maybe give you the 500 gems back in form of a free titan up ticket. Include your registered E Mail for SoD, your username, and the viking name where you have the glitched woolly howl. You can also include the picture as a proof if they need it. Gl

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I'll try that out, thanks!

I'll try that out, thanks!