Unseen Titanwings...and my thoughts on them

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As of a few months ago, we recieved word that a Titanwing Stage for the Silver Phantom will fly into campus in the future. With that said, what could other Titanwings that haven't yet shown up in School of Dragons look like? [Disclaimer: This post only covers species that are in the current version of School of Dragons that don't have Titanwing growth stages yet. Species that haven't shown up at all will not be mentioned.]


The Abomibumble:

The Abomibumble is a hybrid of the Gronckle and the Monstrous Nightmare. This presents two options when it comes to its Titanwing stage: the Titans Uprising Titan, and a titan with characteristics of both parent species. The Titans Uprising Version gains a network of spike like bumps all over its body, larger horns, and a pattern vaguely reminescent of stone transitioning to lava. Alternatively, the Titan could have two rows of back spines (Monstrous Nightmare), a "Lava Tubes" pattern (Gronckle), extra horns/split horns (Monstrous Nightmare), and a larger pair of tusks in the Lower Jaw (Gronckle.) It could also potentially gain an extra layer of defense by growing some form of armor in between the back spines.


The Armorwing:

This dragon has a close relative in the form of the Boneknapper. That means that their Titanwing growth stages should have some traits in common. As a Titanwing, the Boneknapper gains a larger underbite, intact horns (all of the broadwings have one broken horn), and more organised armor, complete with a larger tail club. The Titanwing Armorwing would therefore have intact horns (again, all broadwing Armorwings have one broken horn), a larger underbite (possibly with some larger or more differentiated teeth than the broadwings have), and more organised/more distinctly segmented armor (perhaps vaguely resembling late medieval/renaissance plate armor.) To further drive home the similarities between it and the Boneknapper, the Titanwing Armorwing may gain some form of artificial tail club, such as a broken mace head. The Titanwing Armorwing might also replace the odd claw pieces of metal at each wingtip with something slightly more intimidating, such as broken spearheads or sword blades.


The Bonestormer:

This dragon is a hybrid of the Stormcutter and the Boneknapper. Both of these dragons have Titanwing forms in SoD, whereas the Bonestormer doesn't... yet. A reasonable guess as to what the Titanwing form of this dragon could come from looking at the Titanwing forms of its parents... or from Titans Uprising. In Titans Uprising, titanwing Bonestormers change relatively little from broadwing Bonestormers, but the changes they do get are interesting. They gain an extra pair of bone spikes just behind their eye sockets, larger Stormcutter horns and frills, a larger tail club, and more spines on the backs of their legs. They also gain a more pronounced forehead ridge (no Klingon jokes, please.) Alternately, looking at the titanwing forms of their parent species gives us a Titanwing with feather like wing and frill edges (Stormcutter), a more pronounced underbite (Boneknapper), two rows of back spines and possibly back ridges (Stormcutter), and a larger tail club (Boneknapper.) I would have mentioned more organised armor, but the Bonestormer wears less of it, and already does a fantastic job of keeping it squeaky clean and well organised.


The Catastrophic Quaken:

The Catastrophic Quaken also has a somewhat close relative which has a known Titanwing appearance. In this case, I'm reffering to the Gronckle, which might also be one of the more common titanwings out there. The Titanwing Gronckle gains larger, more spine like bumps, horns on each side of its ear flaps, larger tusks, and a pattern reminescent of a network of lava tubes. It also changes eye colors from yellow to red. A Titanwing Quaken should look somewhat similar to a Titanwing Gronckle, having larger spines on its head, back, and tail, and possibly a longer, sharper stinger at the end of its tail. It would also have a similar pattern of "Lava Tubes" crisscrossing its skin. The Quaken might similarly undergo a change in eye color, but its eyes might shift to a brighter, more vivid shade of red, if not some other "warm" color such as orange. The most likely areas in which it would differ from the Titanwing gronckle would be in the structure of its teeth, and in the placement of its spines. As a Titanwing, the Catastrophic Quaken might have larger, sharper teeth overall, giving it more of a "mouth full of railroad spikes" appearance. As for the spines, the existing spines on the dragons forehead, the top of its head, and on the outside of each lower jaw would likely grow longer and sharper, and it might not gain extra spines on each side of its ear flaps.


The Changewing:

This is the first dragon that we run into issues with. The Changewing has no close living relatives to turn to when it comes to a possible Titanwing design for this dragon. Instead, we'd have to turn to Rise of Berk and Titans Uprising to help us out. The Rise of Berk version of this Titanwing gains larger, sharper back spines, a larger nose horn, and a blotchy color pattern on the trailing edges of its wings that the broadwings normally lack. The Titans Uprising version of this titanwing instead gains a larger, more Diplocaulus-esque cheek horns, longer incisors and canines, a thin pair of tusks towards the back of the jaw, and a different, more extensive pattern of spots. The SoD version of this Titanwing could therefore be a middle ground between the RoB and TU versions of itself. It could perhaps gain some of the larger teeth of the Titans Uprising version, but not all of them, a larger nose horn and larger cheek horns, larger back spines, and a mixed pattern of spots and blotches, sort of echoing some types of lizard. It might also gain longer antennae (if that is the correct word for them) with more leaf shaped appendages on each one.


 The Chimeragon:

This is one of the hardest titans to design so far. The Chimeragon is descended from multiple different species of dragon, and we don't know what its full genetic makeup looks like. We only know that its part Sentinel and part Bewilderbeast, and part... something that spits lightning at a minimum. Therefore, a Titanwing Chimeragon could gain everything from an extra pair of tusks to an extra colar of horns, to an extra ridge/sail/fin on its back... the possibilities are nearly endless for this Titanwing.


The Deathly Galeslash:

This is another tossup between combining the traits of the titanwing forms of the parent species (Deadly Nadder and Stormcutter) and utilising the Titans Uprising Titanwing. The Titans Uprising titanwing has leathery scales on its underbelly and legs, larger horns, larger tendrills on either side of its face, two claws on each wing, larger teeth, and larger tail wings. On the other hand, looking at the parent species gives us more feather like trailing wing edges and tail wings (Stormcutter), Two rows of horns around the back of its head (Deadly Nadder), back ridges and two rows of back spines (Stormcutter), and three claws on each wing (Deadly Nadder.) The latter option also gives us a more complex color pattern, again courtesy of the Titanwing Deadly Nadder.


The Devilish Dhervish:

This is again one of the more challenging Titanwings to design, due to a lack of close relatives with Titanwing growth stages. This is not due to a lack of living close relatives, as is the case with the Changewing, but is instead due to the Titanwing versions of its relatives going mostly unseen as of 2022. The only possible relative with a Titanwing form in the game is the Razorwhip, and that's not the Dhervishes closest living relative. For a possible appearance, we should instead turn to RoBs Titanwing Thornridge. As a Titanwing, the Thornridge gains larger, sharper back spines, additional spines on the sides of the neck and tail, spines on the backs of its legs, and larger frill and nose horns. It also loses any body patterns it had as a broadwing and changes the markings on its wings from stripes to spots. By that same token, we can say that the Titanwing Devilish Dhervish should gain larger nose horns, a larger chin horn, larger, and a larger, sharper row of spines running down its back. In addition, this dragon possibly gains a pattern upon reaching its Titanwing Growth Stage: It might gain some stripes or spots on the wings, and it might possibly gain a more clearly defined underbelly stripe as a Titanwing. Additionally, the Titanwing Dhervish might gain extra rows of spines as well, which might actually be more extensive than the Thornridges, depending on whether they grow along the sides of the dragon, or on either side of the existing row of spines.


The Dreadstrider:

This dragon was one of SoDs first ever hybrids, and a species origional to the game. Therefore, a reasonable guess can be made as to what its Titanwing form might look like based on those of its parent species. One possibility could have two fins on top of its head (Speed Stinger), three nose horns (Flightmare), larger, sharper hip wings (Speed Stinger), and a single pair of tail wings (Flightmare.) It could also gain a stinger on one or both tail tips, gain longer spines and trailing edges on its wings, and gain some sort of faint/vague pattern, almost like some depictions of ghosts, or certain types of plasma (think stellar plasma or dreadfall fire and you'll be in the right ball park.) Alternately, SoD could wait for a Titant Uprising version of this dragon, and thus a Titans Uprising version of its Titanwing form to show up and design it after that, like they have with the other hybrid Titans so far.


The Eruptodon:

This dragon is presumably a distant relative of the Gronckle, if not a convergent dragon. It also has two titan forms, one in Titans Uprising and one in Rise of Berk. The Rise of Berk Version starts glowing and has less armor than its Broadwing counterparts. It also gains a "cracked stone/lava tubes" pattern, and seemingly loses its pupils. The Titans Uprising Version seemingly loses more of its armor, again gaining a "lava tubes" pattern and starts glowing, but also gains extra rows of back spines and wing claws. The SoD Titan, like some others on this list, could be a sort of middle ground between other versions of the titanwing in question. It could keep the "Cracked Stone/Lava Tubes" pattern and the slight glow of the RoB version, but also gain extra rows of back spines and wing claws like its Titans Uprising counterpart. It could also have some unique features like having some new markings that weren't present in the Broadwing Eruptodon.


The Flamewhipper:

This dragon really only has a Rise of Berk counterpart in terms of Titanwings, which leaves School of Dragons somewhat open to design it from scratch. The RoB Titan has webbed feet, extra rows of spines on both sides of the tail and the underside, and larger wings. The SoD titan can reasonably keep some of these traits, but also add some unique traits of its own, such as extra rows of smaller spines on each side of the main row of back spines, larger horns on eack side of the head, or claws on the toes (which the broadwing complely lacks.)


The Ghastly Zapplejack:

Another hybrid, another pair of Titans to choose from. In this case, the Titans Uprising Titanwing has larger horns and back spines, extra frills on each side of the head, and a single pair of tusks in each lower jaw. This titan could alternately have four main horns on each head (Timberjack), extra split horns (Zippleback), a blotchy wing pattern (Timberjack), and a more diamond shaped tail tip (Zippleback.)


The Golden Dragon:

Again, we run into some problems when trying to figure out what this dragon might look like as a Titanwing. In this case, it's because a Titanwing version of this dragon was never shown onscreen, and no close relatives were ever mentioned. That means that we might have to turn to a more distant possible relative with a Titanwing form, and the closest I could come up with are the Titanwing Grim Gnasher and the Titanwing Zippleback. The Titanwing Grim Gnasher gains larger back spines, a more well defined/clearer back pattern, and longer horns with a different orientation from those of the broadwing. The Titanwing Zippleback, on another hand, has more horns towards the back of its head, larger nose horns, larger, sharper back spines, and a pair of diamond shaped tail tips. The Golden Dragons titan form might reasonably be a mix between the two, perhaps leaning slightly towards the Gnashers appearance. This means that the dragon would gain longer, straighter horns, possibly with a different orientation to those of the broadwing, a wavier, more sharply defined back sail, and a more sharply defined body pattern, with a new back pattern of some sort appearing. The only "Zippleback" traits that might apply to this titan would be the more diamond shaped tail tip, and possibly the appearance of more horns/split horns towards the back of its head. It might also uniquely gain a larger frill, change its body proportions, or gain a more clearly defined beak.


The Grapple Grounder:

Like the Golden Dragon, the Grapple Grounder has two titans that we can pull from to design this titanwing: the Hideous Zippleback and the Grim Gnasher. However, it also has a Titanwing form in Rise of Berk. Rise of Berks interpretation of the Titanwing sees it gain more horns at the back of its head, larger, pointier back spines, a larger "barbed arrow" tail tip, additional barbs in front of that, and a different pattern, swapping rings out for stripes. Therefore, the SoD titanwing might be similar to the Rise of Berk Titanwing, and somewhat similar to the Titanwing Grim Gnasher, but might additionally have split horns and a network of fine web like markings on the tops of its wings  like the Titanwing Zippleback. The SoD titanwing might also gain more leaf shaped back spines, again like the Hideous Zippleback.


The Groncicle:

The Groncicle, like the Catastrophic Quaken, is related to the Gronckle, which already has a Titanwing form in SoD. It also has its own Titanwing in Rise of Berk, which could possibly make an SoD Titanwing a mixture of the two. Like the Gronckle, it might gain a "network" pattern on its body, but with more of a resemblance to cracked ice than to lava. It might gain larger, more snowflake-esque ear flaps like its Rise of Berk Titanwing. It might gain longer, sharper spines, and/or more rows of them, like the Titanwing Gronckle. It could also gain the crystaline snowflake wingtips that its Rise of Berk Titanwing has. It could even gain feature like longer, more serrated "beak" edges to make up for the lack of teeth in its upper jaw.


The Gruesome Goregripper:

This dragons Titanwing form can only come from combining the Titanwings of its parent species, the Deathgripper, and the Crimson Goregutter., since this is a species origional to School of Dragons. This combination gives us Four retractable tusks (Deathgripper), larger antlers with a different shape (Crimson Goregutter), larger, more serrated armor plates (Deathgripper), and an overall larger, more muscular build (Crimson Goregutter.) This titanwing might additionally gain something rather like the Goregutters axe tail, or otherwise gain a longer, sharper stinger than that of the broadwing.


The Hobblegrunt:

This is another challenging Titanwing, due to the fact that the in game model is that of the Threadtail, instead of an actual Hobblegrunt model. This leaves School of Dragons with a bit of a choice as to which Rise of Berk Titanwing to base their Titanwing Hobblegrunt on. On the one hand, the Titanwing Hobblegrunt gains a more Threadtail like frill, with barbells around the edge, a wavier sail on top of its tail, an extra sail on the underside of its tail, and a sharper, more angular sail on its back. On the other hand, the Titanwing Threadtail gets a larger, sharper nose horn, sharper "lobes" at the edge of its frill, a larger number of back spines (also larger and pointier), and a row of broad stripes on its back. The SoD Titanwing could end up being a mix of the two, with a larger, more detailed frill, large angular/wavy sails on its back and tail, stripes that its broadwing form lacks, and at least one row of sharp, pointy back spines.


The Hotburple:

The Hotburple and the Gronckle look so much alike that its difficult to see them having radically different Titanwing forms, yet Rise of Berk managed to pull that off. Their Titanwing Hotburple loses its bumps alltogether, instead growing a row of small back spines, and getting spots which the regular Broadwing doesn't have. It also gets a smaller tail club and a more streamlined appearance. The SoD version could fall somewhere in between this and the Titan Gronckle. It could get a similar pair of horns to the Titan Gronckles, a similar "lava tubes" pattern, and a pair of large tusks. It could also retain the single row of back spines, the smaller tail club, and some spots from its RoB counterpart.


The Moldruffle:

This dragon does have an RoB titan. It also has a bunch of relatives who don't have titanwing forms in SoD either, like the Mudraker, and the Snafflefang. Therefore, the best idea might be to look directly at the RoB titanwing. This titanwing gains larger, more "smudgy" markings, more rows of back spines, larger, pointier back spines, and larger horns with extra tines on them. This admittedly sounds a little like the Titanwing Monstrous Nightmare, although it does also reverse the direction its nose horn curves in (it curves out from its body, not in towards it), and gains a larger tail fin. This Titan might be one of the ones that more or less ends up being directly "imported" from Rise of Berk, so... that's better than nothing, I suppose.


The Mudraker:

Like the Moldruffle and the Snafflefang, the Mudraker has no titanwing in SoD, but it does have one in RoB. This might be another case of "Import the Titan", and to what effect? The RoB Titan gains stripe like blobs on its wings and tail, and its sail becomes larger and more angular. It also becomes longer, now extending down the tail, almost to the tip of it. It also gets mask like markings around its eyes, and larger horns than the broadwing version. It also gains a gradient that the broadwing lacks.


The Prickleboggle:

This dragon has a close relative with a titanwing form, and an RoB titanwing form. It can be inferred that the Prickleboggle and the Thornridge (and by extension the Devilish Dhervish) are related. The RoB titanwing form sports larger horns that the broadwing form, has more of them, and has a smaller sail on its head and the back of its neck. It also has spines on the underside of its tail, and armor like scales on its underside. Assuming some relation to the Thornridge might suggest that the SoD version of the Titanwing would gain a frill, individual spines on parts of the back of its neck, and on the backs of its legs. Its sails might also become sharper.


The Raincutter:

This dragon doesn't appear to have too many close relatives, especially if unknown dragon 4 is considered to be an animation error for a Raincutter. This leaves it with its Rise of Berk Titanwing form. The main changes between this version of the dragon and its broadwing form are a longer sail, a larger head fin (and two small fins on each side of the main one) and a new pattern: stripes and spots. The SoD version of this titanwing could maybe use this basic design with some tweaks: perhaps some longer spines towards the end of the tail, and extra sail on each side of the main one, and some longer, thicker barbells on the chin, to signify relations to the titanwing forms of other "noodlenecked" dragons.


The Ridgesnipper:

This one sort of only has its Titans Uprising Titanwing form, because one of its parents has no Titanwing form in SoD. Namely, the Snafflefang has no Titanwing form in SoD, so that throws out the possibility of an alternate Titanwing based on those of its parent species... for now. The Titans Uprising Titan gains a larger nose horn, some larger teeth in the lower jaw, a thicker lower jaw, more extensive scale armor along the sides of its body, and an additional ring of armor as the base of a larger tail club. It also gets a slightly longer tail. Like those dragons that only have Rise of Berk Titans, and no origional or related School of Dragons Titanwings to pull from, this dragon is at the moment pretty much stuck with its Titans Uprising Titan until otherwise notified.


The Seastormer:

This dragon is also in a bit of a tight spot when it comes to Titanwings. No Titanwing Seashocker was ever seen on School of Dragons, leaving us with the Titanwing Shockjaws as out only hint as to what a Titanwing Seastormer could look like. Like the Titanwing Shockjaw, the Seastormer might gain larger, conjoined head and back fins, longer barbels on each chin, and extra fins on each side of the tail. It might also somewhat trade in the seashockers pattern of spots/patches and webbing for a more Shockjaw-esque pattern of stripes on the back. This again leaves it up to the SoD developers team as to what comes from the Seashocker titan, especially if they decide to pull some features from its RoB Titan.


The Shivertooth:

This dragon could pull somewhat from its RoB Titan, the Razorwhips Titanwing stage, or the Titanwing stage of another closely related dragon for its SoD Titanwing form. Its RoB Titanwing form mainly becomes... spikier than even the Titanwing Razorwhip, gaining spikes along the underside of its neck, the underside of its tail, larger chin spikes, spikes on the back of its jaw, larger back and head spikes, a spikier beak... oh, and did I mention a spikier tail barb and nose horn? Yeah, it also gets larger stripes. It could pull from the Razorwhips Titanwing form in terms of having more well defined/more clearly visible stripes that vaguely look like armor (don't be fooled, that'd be an optical illusion.)


The Shovelhelm:

Like some other Titanwings, the Shovelhelms (and those of its relatives) have completely sstrayed away from SoD. This makes it more difficult to imagine what an SoD Titanwing of this dragon looks like, though again Rise of Berk might have filled in that blank. RoBs titanwing Shovelhelm has a larger, sharper nose horn, a larger, sharper chin horn, a larger frill with sharper, more pointy edges, larger, pointier back spines, and more stripe like blobs on the wings, back, and tail specifically. It also gets a couple of gradients going up towards its back and wings, and on the edges of its wings and tail fin. It additionally has smaller gradients on its snout and frill.


The Silver Phantom:

This Titanwing was confirmed as SoDs next Titanwing Dragon a few months ago. The titanwings of its close relatives, the Monstrous Nightmare and the Timberjack offer some clues as to what this titanwing could look like when it finally flies into campus this year. Both titans have extra horns at the backs of their heads, so it's fair to say that the Silver Phantom will have extra horns in the same place. Both Titans have more spot/blotch like patterning, particularly on the wings, to its fair to say that this titanwing will have this as well. The Monstrous Nightmare gets a longer tail, with a larger tail sail, so the Silver Phantom might also gain larger tail wings and a longer tail as a Titanwing. The main point of contention is wether it'll keep one row of back spines like the Timberjack or gain two, sort of like the Monstrous Nightmare.


The Singetail:

This dragon has no close relatives to draw from, leaving us with the titanwing versions from other games, and possilbly Krogans Singetail from RTTE. The RoB Titan gains an extra row of back spines in between its existing pairs, larger horns on its head, and larger tailfins. It also gains large stripes while the broadwing has spots. Krogans Singetail instead has an extra pair of horns on the underside of her jaw, more spots, and a more noticable gradient between her feet and her elbows/knees. This leaves SoD with a couple of options as to which Titanwing to use as the base for their Titanwing Singetail. This also gives them the option to combine the two designs to create a new titan Singetail for themselves.


The Skrillknapper:

This is the last hybrid titan that isn't in School of Dragons at this point. The Titans Uprising Titanwing gains a larger tail club (like so many other tians that have them), larger horns, larger claws, and spots that the broadwing lacks. The alternate gives a larger tail club (Boneknapper), an extra colar of horns (Skrill), a pronouncred underbite (Boneknapper), and three rows of back spines (Skrill.) This dragon, like the Bonestormer, keeps its armor decently clean and organised, so armor organisation shouldn't be an issue.


The Sliquifier:

The titan for this dragon could be a good oppertunity to introduce a more movie accurate Sliquifier into SoD. Apparently, someone else on the forums found a Sliquifier in a few background shots in the movie and claim that it's built more like a seal, and so shouldn't have back legs, like the RoB Tideglider. This could be explained as the Titan losing the need for back legs, and so reabsorbing them. It could also gain a Titan Shockjaw like fin/sail running down almost the entire length of its body. This could be explained as a form of mimicry... to make predators think that its a Titanwing Shockjaw. It could also take advantage of longer barbels and extra tail fins/tail wings for better mimicry.


The Smothering Smokebreath:

This is another dragon which could use the RoB Titan as the base for its Titanwing design in School of Dragons. This design gains four/five horns at the back of its head, multiple rows of spines running down its back and tail, and loses its nose horn. It also gains stripes and a gradient that the broadwing lacks. This would also make for one of the more unique titanwings in the game.


The Snafflefang:

In this case, we might be able to pull something from the Titanwing forms of its hybrids as well as the Titanwings in the other games. What I can say for certain is that this titanwing would have a larger, heavier tail club than its broadwing counterparts, if the Titan Ridgesnipper and the Titan Humbanger are anything to go by. It might also have larger, more impressive horns, with some tines on them (If the Humbangers Titanwing form and the Titan Snafflefang from Titans Uprising are anything to go by.) It could also gain large polygonal, armor like scales on its back (TU Titan), and possibly extra horns (could be an origional design choice/based on the Moldruffles Titanwing from RoB.)


The Snaptrapper:

The Snaptrapper is one fo those dragons that could really pull from its close relatives as a base for its own Titanwing. In this case, the Zipplebacks Titanwing is the best fit, giving us... a Titan Snaptrapper with longer, pointier back spines, diamond shaped tail fins at the tips of its tail, new Split horns at the back of each head, and some vague Changewing like spots/blotches and longer antennae. That is admitedly basic as far as a Titanwing goes, but that specific combination of features hasn't been seen in any Titanwing to this point.


The Typhoomerang:

Like the Silver Phantom, we could really pull from the Timberjack and the Monstrous Nightmare for its Titanwing stage. Again, this dragon would have at least four horns at the back of its head, with or without tines, and well defined spots or blotches, perhaps with some sort of gradient like the Titanwing Timberjack has. Again, it might end up with a longer tail than the broadwing form and/or gain some form of tail sail or tail wings. Again, it may or may not gain twin rows of back spines like the Titan Nightmare specifically.


The Tide Glider:

Again, the Titanwing form could be an oppertunity to introduce a more accurate model, seeing as RoBs version has no back legs and instead moves like a seal. This could also be an oppertunity to once again pull from a relative, and/or pull some good old fashioned mimicry within the titan. To this end, a new sail, longer, droopier frills, and Titanwing Shockjaw-esque stripes could be added to the Titanwing Tide Glider to make it seem more like... well a Titanwing Shockjaw/Sliquifier/Windwalker, and confuse potential predators as to what they can expect should they try to eat it. This could especially have an effect on Scauldrons, as they weren't mentioned as having any sort of special visual abilities, and vision is one of the more clouded/restricted senses underwater.


The Windwalker:

This dragon is the only book dragon that wasn't given close living relatives by virtue of its design. This means it has the most open interpretation as to what its Titan could look like. I'm going to guess this one out based on possible relatives and convergent evolution. It could be the closest living relative of the Flamewhipper based on skull structure and on both having some resemblance to generically similarly shaped real world reptiles. Therefore, the Titanwing Windwalker could gain webbed feet, an extra pair of horns or two, and some Flamewhipper like stripes where spots used to be. In terms of covergence, it might gain a large conjoined head/back/tail fin, like the Titan Shockjaw, the Titan Squiquifire, and the Titan Tide Gliger could have.


Please let me know if I missed any dragons that don't have Titanwing Forms that are in School of Dragons.


This was a long and difficult list for me to write, as I included thoughts on a bunch of dragons... and most of them aren't even confirmed as future titanwings at this point.


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Out of all the dragons you mentioned. I. Want. The. Titan. Groncicle!!! It was in the poll for crying out loud!!! That's all I want for Snoggletog.
The least popular dragon, the abominable whatever its called lol even if it becomes a titanwing it still won't be popular. So many vikings were excited to see it and I only seen one since it was released. Golden Dragon came out and all I read was hate yet I see one or more every week. I don't get it lol
The armorwing, the most hated, least favorite, dragon in the game. If this becomes a titan only reviewers would do it.
I enjoyed the info! Well done!!



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Here pff

For classification on the Golden Dragon the only reason why it got hate in the first place was due to older players bashing on the idea BUT when it came up to actual player response when it first came out it was mostly neutral and liked by players outside of Twitter, Instagram and the Forum. It's only now showing popularity due to it being in the store which is honestly what SoD should've done in the first place. 


either way yeah.. Abominable is a weird instance as well. I remember when everyone wanted it but now? I've haven't seen one since it's original release and you're totally correct on the titan statement.. it's far from ever being popular again and a titan will not save it imo. 

I hope this clears up some things surrounding it! Maybe not but I thought i'll let you know