Unlimited gems glitch

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Just a friendly reminder that Clan Leaderboard is still frozen and all clans that are making effort by earning trophies which are currently pointless are losing motivation to spend time in this game, especially me a clan leader who was only staying around because of clan and trophies.


There are no unlimited gems here, but knowing the materialist SoD staff they would rather read thread regarding extra gems to save themselves some money than warm their chairs and fix some issue for example this one that is causing players to lose motivation to play and create certain financial loss to the game itself.


What I am more curious about is where did the need to freeze leaderboard come from? is it a random glitch created during updates which often occurs of perhaps a request from members of higher clans considering the fact that freezing appeared when currently the 4th clan appeared in game, adding more context to it A CLAN who uses unfair advantage to achieve their goals which were 1st place on clan leaderboard and by unfair advantage i specifically mean hacking.


Anyways, my point here is that i have waited long enough most of the time silently waiting for SoD developers to find a way to deal with that unfair advantage by removing a clan, player or anything useful and unfreeze the clan leaderboard so the rest of the game can continue enjoying their game and "clanning". 


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I totally agree with you!

This is a perfect example of clickbaiting for the right reason. Btw, I agree with you!


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agreed. this is one of the

agreed. this is one of the games flagship mechanics and should of been fixed well before now. because of this the game has been stedily losing its veteran players.


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It's easier for admins to freeze things rather than fix them.

Its nothing to do with glitches...they just can't be bothered.

It would be to much of a effort to remove a hacker for them.

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Every single word of this.

Thank you Yon for putting this out there again, I remember making a thread about the same thing but as expected the admins took no notice of it, I'm appalled. SoD team, do you realise one of the BIGGEST features of your game is broken? People have been complaining over and over again but welp, your playerbase is used to being unheard and ignored. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯





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☾ʎɐʍ ǝɥʇ uo odɹǝᴉʍ ɔᴉɯoʇɐ☾

Just trying to up this post as I'm pretty bothered by this issue too. Whatever you ask them to fix or work about this is what you get: Error SoDsupport.exe stopped to respond. 


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so frustrated

yes i know this is so frustrating i've posted about the clans twice now and the devs have ignored it. 


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Umm (Cause i can't think of a better Subject)

Ok im also noticing that you seem to think the devs purposly froze the leaderboard if they did purposely freeze the clans i am so angry.

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sheesh my subject

Freezing it can only be a temporary solution, but as the time goes by i am starting to think they are just putting sticky tape on a broken glass and calling  it fixed. Meanwhile they are losing players and money knowing that some people were playing only because of clans such as me. Fixing the issue isnt easy solution but i believe its necessary.

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sheesh my subject

Leaderboards are back to normal