Unfair Secondary starters

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Im sure that im not the only one who thinks that secondary starters are unfair but but when i created a new viking slot to get gems i got a rumblehorn.When i first played i also got one but they are slow and have a low shot limit which IMO is unfair when others get the sand wraith or shockjaw which are superior in racing and battles while the rumblehorn does not help at all.And instead of making the rumblehorn strong in DT,it falls behind everything and same in racing.SoD should balance the stats cuz the sand wraith is good in battles and almost as fast as toothless while the rumblehorn has almost the worst speed,worse acceleration,only a 4 shot limit and they dont even deal a base damage close to 20 and it falls behind everything in DT so its unfair that some people get the rumblehorn while others have it easy with the sand wraith,shockjaw or flightmare(flightmares have a good accuracy but for rumblehorn missiles you can barely see them).


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Tis random, and you cannot control fate. Though I must admit, Rumblehorns are pretty bad(Okay, really bad, happy?), and shockjaw, flightmare, and sand wraith are all nice racers, though the shockjaw has low turn rate, and causes me to keep bumping into stuff(I was used to using my superior Sand wraith...). Just accept it, okay? But I am afraid that I cannot sympathize cuz I got sand wraith 3 times, shockjaw twice, and flightmare once, nver rumblehorn, so sorry.

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I like the Rumblehorn alot. He's a good boy. Though, admitted they are slow. You're lucky you get a free dragon becuase when I started you only get the hatchery dragons



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I have to admit the rumblehorn is a nice looking dragon and i like the way it runs but i just feel that SoD should balance dragon stats so beginner players dont fall behind.

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My left arm went so numb O~O (I was leaning on it while typing)

I hope that my message won't come off as rude, because that's not my intention, but I have to respond to this one.
I really don't think new players should be complaining. As Drago2412 said, when I started playing you got only one dragon at the beginning (I chose a Deadly Nadder). So you had only one, flightless dragon. If you were doing a quest and fell down, you had to go up all the way (oh, the many times I struggled getting up from the School beach, because the waterfall kept pushing me down), or - if you fell down to an impossible place - you had to restart the game. And with just one baby dragon, you couldn't do battles. And yes, during those times, there were more ways to level up dragons - Fireball Frenzy, firepit xp, Flight School, Alchemy Adventure and Eel Roast (these are still around, but they give far less xp than they used to), but nowadays you have hourly battles to level up your dragons. And each ship gives you 250/375 xp. (If you get gold, which is possible with any starter dragon, I tried with side vikings, and the Rumblehorn is probably the best to battle with. If you can see its fire. As you mentioned, it's hard to see.) If you do like 2 battles a day, you can age up your dragon to an adult just by using battles in a week or two. And that's not a long time. And while doing these 2-3 battles a day, you can get gems, coins, or even a dragon egg (and that's your THIRD dragon, meanwhile, it took me months to get my second dragon*) or stable.
And also, there are stable quests now. Many of the first slot stable quests need just one dragon to start, and your dragon is going to return in a few hours. Talking about stable quests, when I started playing, expansion dragons were incredibly rare. As it cost gems, which were incredibly hard to come by back in 2015 (that's when I started playing, forgot mentioning it though), not many players got the opportunity to buy expansions. Now you can get not one but two expansions for 1000 coins each, which is almost for free, allowing you to get a third and fourth dragon in no time.
Oh, and there's the LAVAEATER code, don't forget that one. Five dragons in a few days! And if you want a decent battle dragon, the Groncicle is one, especially if you know how to shoot from the recharge station. And once you get a good battle dragon, you get gold chests, which give you good rewards, so eventually you'll get another egg, or you are able to buy one from the store. (And the store. Egg prices were lowered, battles became more frequent, so once again, it's easier for you.**)
In conclusion, you shouldn't be complaining. Rethinking my message, I went a bit off-topic. But my whole point is, don't be disappointed that you got a bad starter dragon, you can get new dragons in no time, all you need is a very-very little patience. ^^
(Sorry for not putting spaces between the paragraphs, for some reasons, I can't when I'm on mobile. Also, sorry for such a mindless message, I'm a little bit tired plus my brain is so weird and abstract, it's hard to write down all my thoughts about the topic.)
*For long-long months, my game was constantly crashing, I couldn't really play, so mine's probably not the best example. I started back in October, 2015, but it was April, 2016 when I got a second dragon: I won a Thunderdrum from Loki's Mirage. And I got my third and fourth dragon on the same day, some time in July, 2016.
**Though gem stable quests have been removed. -_- So now it's harder to earn gems. But still, you get the point.
TL; DR: It's still easier for new players than it was for us, you can get a third, a fourth and a fifth dragon in no time. And yes, I understand your point, but be happy that you got a second starter dragon - many people did not.


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I started in 2014 and I agree with you, new players shouldn't be complaining at all. I remember somehow ending up in places I couldn't get out of, restarting the game, and then struggling to get past a point because I couldn't even ride my dragon yet let alone fly it...


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You think the secondary starters are unfair? You would've HATED the game in the past then. You didn't get any starters. You had hatch an egg and raise it from a little baby. Now? Now you already have a dragon you can fly and do things with. These "unfair" dragons made the game easier for all the new players. I created a new viking and started out with a Rumblehorn too. If you want a Sand Wraith either hatch an egg or just keep restarting the moment you notice the dragon in the cage. Literally running up to the edge taking five seconds to look. 

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If you get a Rumblehorn

If you get a Rumblehorn during the start of your slot, you can just delete your slot and restart it and chances are you'll get a different dragon. The dragon you get is done by chance. For those who don't know about that, there's a tip.


I do agree though that in terms of having a first dragon, the Rumblehorn is the worst one. It does no favours for you in racing and I don't even know how good (or bad) it is in battle events. But otherwise it's a really cool dragon and one of my favourites.


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came here to say this ^^^^



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I don't see why you are complaining when I first started the game in 2013 (don't know if I should say 2014 because I had to give my old account to my sister) it was way worst you would only get 1 dragon for free and that dragon was very hard to age up to an adult and just as Bohemian and Drago said you should happy that you got a second free dragon unlike some of us oldies who didn't get a second free dragon and were stuck in some places


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 ok now i know what its like in 2014.Im sorry if i complained about secondary starters,sounding ungratefu and im sorry for being unfair.I actually have 70+ dragons but i just made this thread about the new ones who got the rumblehorn.I know now im lucky that i got a secondary starter 6 months ago and now i know how tiresome it is to run with a baby dragon everytime.And also,i already know the codes and stuff.And actually the 2 expansions are 500 coins.

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They are random and are just a fun little extra given to you for free. I didn't get a secondary dragon at all and I don't think there's anything unfair about it.


If you don't like the dragon you received, why not buy another? What's keeping you from saving up gems and getting a dragon you like?


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Death Star blew up my subject

Um i actually have alot of dragons but i was talking about the new players who will get or got the rumblehorn but now i regretted on making this thread.

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But what's keeping the new players from saving up and buying a new dragon?

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Yeah your right about that.

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I have lots of dragons now (had to delete my main and make a new main) and I started out with a Rumblehorn. I ended up getting a Sand Wraith as well, albeit much later. I see absolutely nothing wrong with getting that Rumblehorn. In fact I was pleasantly surprised at how much easier the game had become.