Underrated racing dragons?

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The title says everything. I love seeing other people race with more unusual dragons and I'd like to know which ones you think are underrated.



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Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile.

I have to say, the Windwalker. It jumps out in front of the competitors with its great acceleration, is fast and very maneuverable. It feels very fast and if you're skilled enough, you can hold the lead just fine. Before I got membership and the Light Fury became my main racing dragon, I won with my Windwalker many times. You don't often see someone with a Windwalker, and they are quite good battlers. 


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Yesssssssssssssssssss. I love

Yesssssssssssssssssss. I love my windwalker! Havnet used him in awhile because the account hes on is one where Ive 100% all the quests.



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Yesssssssssssssssssss. I love

Yesssssssssssssssssss. I love my windwalker! Havnet used him in awhile because the account hes on is one where Ive 100% all the quests.

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I used to use Razorwhips and a Silver Phantom they were pretty good usually ended up in the top 3 finishing


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Silver Phantom, I was

Silver Phantom, I was thinking about getting one! Now, this gives me an extra reason to do so.

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Uhh... line?

Moldruffles. Definitely not the fastest dragon, but it is very good if you are racing with traps. This dragon can go from idle to top speed in a single second, so you can make both a running start, and a quick recovery. This dragon is best for the shorter tracks like Woolly Canyon, since dragons like Wraiths, Windwalkers, Skrills, Flightmares, and Furies can outrun this dragon pretty quick if you were on the longer maps.


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I don't know if any of these are "unusual" racing dragons. But as long as they're not furies, flightmares, shockjaws or sandwraiths I suppose. I've also stopped dragon racing because I'm kinda bored seeing furies as opponents x_x (Please nobody argue about this with me. It's my personal opinion and not a call for any quarrel ;_; )

I did however raced with a couple of different dragons back then, and here are some of the thoughts I remembered with 'em.


Triple Stryke

-Pretty good turning and maneuverability. Decent speed. Titan fire could blind your opponents.



-One of the fastest non-fury like dragons I've ever used



-Surprisingly decent as a racing dragon. Animation is kind of wonky though. Needs a bit of skill when doing steep dives.



-Yes they're not really fast, and they feel slightly heavy to control, but I've flown with mine forever and they're the ones that feel the most natural in flight.



-Kinda feels like a lighter version of a stormcutter. Could blind your opponents when you fire at them.


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I have to agree with the

I have to agree with the stormcutter and the shivertooth. I haven't tried the other ones though.

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Late as always...

Here's a list I've made from racing with different dragons:



- Snow Wraith

- Windwalker

- Night Terror/Fire Terror

- Changewing

- Scuttleclaw



- Grapple Grounder

- Night Terror/Fire Terror

- Triple Stryke

- Stormcutter

- Scuttleclaw



- Snow Wraith

- Grim Gnasher

- Death Song

- Razorwhip

- Woolly Howl


If there weren't many invisible barriers I'd say the best non-member dragon after the Sand Wraith is the Snow Wraith. But dang those barriers they mess up your flying.



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Woah, thanks a lot for making

Woah, thanks a lot for making this!

Snow Wraiths are awesome dragons. I love racing with mine, Frostbane.