Unable to Purchase Membership - Google Play

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tl;dr - What is a valid payment option for SoD?


Good morning, all! My daughter has been playing SoD for a few weeks now with her friends and is loving it! She asked if I'd purchase a membership for a month or two so she could enjoy the benefits with her friends.


However, no amount of effort on my part works. The error I get from the SoD app on Google is : "To get stuff on Google Play, ask your family manager to add a valid family payment method." Which I did - after making sure my daughter was logged in to SoD using a full account and not Guest, I went into my Google account (which is the FM for us) and tried both my debit card and a credit card. Both attempts failed with this same error.


I also tried using her phone to buy a completely unrelated app, and it took me to the checkout/parent verification screen, so I don't think the issue is with account permissions.


I'd rather not purchase on PC but I see that's an option. I'd prefer to solve this issue so going forward, if she wants something in the future, I can use the very nice Google Play parental controls to approve her purchases.


Thank you!