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So, I already made a post in General Discussion about my loading issues and being unable to select my main viking in the character select screen and while the loading issues in-game seem to have been cleared up, I still can't get my main viking to load in. I suspect it may have something to do with the fact that I had an outdated version of the game on my desktop (like, one of the early versions from years ago) and I forgot to download the latest version before attempting to play. Since I was able to log in and enter the game on my viking I didn't think anything of it, but when I had loaded into the game my viking's appearance was glitched. After that, I immediately exited the game and redownloaded it, but from that point I haven't been able to get my viking to load in on the character select screen. It shows her name, exp, stars, clan, etc. and I can select her and my dragon will load in, but her model won't render and I get the infinite spinning gears of loading.


At this point it's looking like I might have to just delete my viking or never be able to play on that character again, which would really censored me out because she has a lot of dragons, rarer items, and items that are no longer in the game anymore. Such as the Alpha Toothless clothing and the Snoggletog mace. Does anyone know of a way to fix this? Uninstalling and redownloading the game doesn't work, so I'm not sure what else I can do.


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Viking Name: Eiradene

Viking Age: 20

Real Age: 17 (A little old to be on this game. I know.)

Friend Code: GDYJKG

Dragon Count: 22 (Not including unhatched)

Adventurer Level: 50

Clan: Dramillion Warriors


About Me:

I started playing SoD the first year it was released. I played for 2 or 3 years before I took a really long break and just recently decided to give the game another go, considering I'd always loved it before. Unfortunately, I lost access to my old account because I no longer have access to the email I signed up with. So, I had to start from scratch! I think I'm doing pretty good for myself considering I'd only been playing for a couple of weeks at the time I joined the forums. You can get a lot done if you play for hours every day like I have.


Dragon List


Key: Hatching/Unhatched Eggs/Baby Dragons/Teen Dragons/Adult Dragons/Titan Wings


Male Rumblehorn (Level 12)

Male Monstrous Nightmare (Level 29)

Toothless - Male Night Fury (Level 8)

Female Light Fury (Level 19) (I call her Echo)

Male Groncicle (Level 10)

Male Razorwhip (Level 21)

Female Death Song (Level 25)

Male Armorwing (Level 2)

Male Singetail (Level 6)

Male Eruptodon (Level 3)

Female Flame Whipper (Level 6)

Female Whispering Death (Level 10)

Female Gronckle (Level 3)

Unnamed Unhatched Female Triple Stryke

Male Elder Sentinel (Level 3)

Male Deathgripper (Level 5)

Male Dramillion (Level 10)

Male Silver Phantom (Level 10)

Male Stormcutter (Level 4)

Male Scuttleclaw (Level 9)

Male Sand Wraith (Level 4)

Male Wooly Howl (Level 4)

Male Crimson Goregutter (Level 4)

Female Skrill (Level 1)

Unnamed Unhatched Female Stormcutter


Avengers Themed Dragons!

(Because I'm a neerd)

(Section under construction. I have to finish obtaining these dragons and I also plan to add pictures! I picked 9 characters from the MCU and decided to design and name dragons after them. It's probably obvious from the dragon list which ones are themed but I figured I might as well categorize them here too.)

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If you haven't already, update the game! The vikings recently got a different idle pose, which may be why it's not working for you.


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Dragons: (Key: Pink names are female, and blue names are male. Bold names are titans and/or max level)

Monsterous Nightmare (Total: 5, Max levels: 2) Rivu (Starter) (50) ll Nasail (50) ll Fioled (41) ll Fellous (27) ll Roukera (18)

Scauldron (Total: 1, Max level: 1) Deniz (50)

Whispering Death (Total: 5, Max level: 1) Halvard (50) ll Terra (46) ll Azibo (26) ll Rosey (25) ll Snappy (18)

Groncicle (Total: 5, Max level: 1) Glacia (50) ll Icelee (49) ll Frostbite (31) ll Iceland (26) ll Tundra (18)

Deadly Nadder (Total: 4, Max level: 1) Hagedorn (50) ll Tuija (28) ll Eiche (23) ll Buckthorn (19)

Hideous Zippleback (Total: 5, Max level: 1) Rain and Cloud (50) ll Thump and Wallop (29) ll Twist and Turn (26) ll Snare and Trap (26) ll Ash and Snow (17)

Gronckle (Total: 6, Max level: 1) Solveig (50) ll Avanti (26) ll Anaru (20) ll Drusilla (20) ll Boulder (8) ll Rockyroad (1)

Singetail (Total: 1) Hestia (38)

Typhoomerang (Total: 1) Corentine (36)

Eruptodon (Total: 2) Volkan (37) ll Houri (19)

Tide Glider (Total: 3, Max levels: 2) Nereus (50) ll Tethys (50) ll Dionysus (14)

Armorwing (Total: 1) Algar (20)

Deathsong (Total: 2, Max level: 1) Sigrdrifa (50) ll Nidhogg (12)

Razorwhip (Total: 1) Lagi (44)

Skrill (Total: 1) Flugurite (46)

Thunderdrum (Total: 5) Taima (39) ll Donar (18) ll Esen (15) ll Boran (15) ll Blast (6)

Boneknapper (Total: 2, Max level: 1) Morana (50) ll Undertaker (18)

Flightmare (Total: 3) Hoshi (36) ll Toshi (20) ll Akemi (13)

Flame Whipper (Total: 1) Datura (32)

Changwing (Total: 2) Yamanu (27) ll Abuto (13)

Shockjaw (Total: 2) Elysia (32) ll Zapper (10)

Hobblegrunt (Total: 2) Oseye (34) ll ??? (Egg)

Fireworm Queen (Total: 1) Sana (20)
Sweet Death (Total: 1) Beowulf (20)
Smothering Smokebreath (Total: 3) Gavina (17) ll Mack (13) ll Edge (12)

Sand Wraith (Total: 2) Horus (30) ll Bast (20) ll ??? (egg)
Scuttleclaw (Total: 2) Elfriede (16) ll Ernust- (14)

Triple Stryke (Total: 2) Vilhelm (17) ll Alfdis (14)

Raincutter (Total: 2) Cahal (15) ll Yanyu (14)
Deathgripper (Total: 1) Thanatos (20)

Snafflefang (Total: 2) Cattibrie (15) ll Wulfgar (9)

Rumblehorn (Total: 4) Alois (15) ll Alvilda (16) ll Beet (12) ll Basil (11) ll ??? (Egg)

Stormcutter (Total: 1) Gale (15)

Moldruffle (Total: 1) Maze (10)
Hotburple (Total: 1) Bumps (10)
Woolly Howl (Total: 1) Fornost (10)
Mudraker (Total: 1) Stomp (6)
Speed Stinger (Total: 1) Flash (5)

Sliquifier (Total: 1) Arnor (6)
Windwalker (Total: 1) Gondor (5)
Seastormer (Total: 1) 
Ambarussa (6)
Snow Wraith (Total: 1) Seeker (5)
Silver Phantom (Total: 1) Droplet (5)
Night Terror (Total: 1) Moonlight (4)
Terrible Terror (Total: 1) Scout (3)
Timberjack (Total: 1) Fangorn (5)
Crimson Gorecutter (Total: 1) Thanduil (5)

Night Lights- Ruffrunner (13) ll Pouncer (14) ll Dart (6)

Variations (Expansion rewards):
Elder Sentinel (Total: 1) Gerda (18)
Smitten Hobgobbler (Total: 1) Winifred (13)

Toothless (50)
Light Fury (25)

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I've already uninstalled and redownloaded the newest version of the game multiple times and it hasn't changed anything. I think it has something to do with the fact that I accidently tried to run a way older version of the game and it may have corrupted something in my character's model and item data on the game's server (which is something I can't do anything about in my own computer's files) seeing as to how it will load in my dragon but since it can't render my character's model and potentially some of her items, which prevents me from entering the game on that character since it has to load in all that data first on the game's server, and none of my other characters have any problems. I appreciate you trying to help though! Unfortunately I think this is something only the SoD team might be able to resolve, and who knows when we'll hear from them.

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Sounds pretty similar to a problem I had awhile ago. I contacted JS Support, and they finally fixed the issue. Maybe try that?


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I'll try that, thanks for the suggestion.

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You're welcome. I hope they can help you. Just a warning though, they can be extremely slow.  It took them something like 3 months in my case, if I remember correctly. So just have patience. :)

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Double post, sorry

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I know the feeling, I have been unable to play on my main Viking for months now even after the update. Here I am still waiting for Brynjolf’s response. 



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Do you have a mobile device?

Do you have a mobile device? Then you could just play it on the app.


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