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great dragons to use (that I know of so far, please feel free to update me on some good ones)

Zippleback (super attack level)

Nader (pretty good attack)

Shockjaw (great attack)

Thunderdrum (very useful basic attack and great attack level)


How to get weapons:

truth be told, there isn't an exact strategy. I have at least 6 ledgendary weapons and I got them from all over (i didn't buy them I got them from levels). I also recently got a bewilderbeast sheild from the first level of the training course (this is the easiest so the difficulty level doesn't matter too much).


Another way is to collect rare or epic weapons to be able to fuse them together. I was able to fuse weapons to get a ledgendary mace and also that whispering death mace that was in the store.



I like to use the sword for a lot of levels. I don't need the axe because most of my dragons already have some sort of ranged attack. A good strategy is to enter a new game with the best weapons and armour you have. Scout the different enemies and formulate what type of weapon (ice, fire, sharp so on) is best. Come back and if you have the sword, move so that you atract at least two enemies. Make sure that they are in a position to move in front of you, and that you have your block on. Then you can use the sweep to finish them off.


if you are planning to use a ranged attack, try to attack without moving so that if you miss, you can still bring some distance between you and the enemy.


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Whispering Death: Groundfire

Thunderdrum: Sonic Boom

Prickleboggle: Sundew

Armourwing: Sheild

Tideglider: Wavewalker

Stormcutter: Dinrall




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Now for those codes:

Lavaeater: Eruptadon egg (yes my dragon is named after the code)

Cloudcover: Stormcutter armour

Takeflight: Skyrunner flightsuit (Don't know if this works anymore since the suit us supposetdly in the store now. I use it before it went into the store.)

SkrillThrill: Lightning skrill armour (no shoulder pads)













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Good tactics dragons

For good dragons to use, I recommend skrills (for their long ranged attacks), wooly howls (also for long range attacks), stormcutters (for their dodge), prickleboggles (for their healing abilities) and really any dragon with attacks that can stun or poison.


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Thanks for the tips!

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Cassian chased away my subject again...

Thank you so much for this. I've been attempting to complete all of the achievements possible, so I've been doing Dragon Tactics a lot and have always wondered if there was a strategy to getting legendaries or if it just comes at random x'D It's good to know I'm not crazy. I'll definitely do more of the easier levels now that I know it doesn't matter.




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More good dragons to use

Deathgripper. 50-50 shot to take out a dragon/dragon hunter. Whispering Death as a shield(if level 50, it has a lot of health and can recover from attack) Speed stinger is good for objectives like 'get to the flag' and Skrill/Woolly Howl for sneak attacks.


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ooh nice

Ok, I have all of those dragons (exept Deathgripper) but they are pretty low levels, I guess I could level them up and then use them.

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Thank you

Hi there, 


Thank you so much for writing this guide. I just returned to the game last month and tried to navigate Dragon Tactics myself. It was difficult since most of my dragons are of low level. With help this post, I might be able to improve my Dragon Tactics skills. 


Have a nice day

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Great to hear! Another tip:

Great to hear! Another tip: try to have at least two dragons with a ranged basic attack, and one with strong basic attack and good health. the one with the basic attack goes to the enemy and attacks, while the snipers are there to finish it off if necesary without taking too much damage. Another tip is to have a dragon with an attack that can attack multiple at a time. The Thunderdrum and Zippleback are good choices, just be sure to not have more than one enemy chasing you at a time. To all: I will be making a better guide with more strategies and tips.

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I got some additional tips that may come in handy.


- Fpr is an useless stat for vikings, try to get gear without it, or reforge gear that has it.

- Useful stats: Atk=crit>dodge. Health is always a nice added bonus. Hpr is quite unnecessary.
-  There's no need for a tank/healer/dps setup. Pick the dragons with the highest damage output to finish levels quickly.

- All weapons can be viable depending on play style. I like to use axes as the mid-range attack is a good instagibber.

- Having one dragon with a decent AoE attack is super useful for killing multiple trash mobs in one turn. Also fewer enemies = fewer enemy turns = less frustration due to the game's sluggishness. I like to use the Skrill, personally.

- Hobblegrunts are powerhouses and they will S M A S H.


So yeah, the tl;dr is: go for pure damage and crit to rush through the levels asap :þ


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