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Alright I'm not sure what to say about this. I went to go make a new character with a character slot. Went through the whole process, name and everything, then the game crashed and thus was closed. That was normal as of recent, given ive been having terrible connection issues with the game for some odd reason. I log back on, and into the game, only for it to take me immediately to the character creation menu. I try to backout of the character creation but it wouldn't work, so I decide to go through the process of making the character again, and then pressed okay. Seems normal, except it replaced my main character with this new one. I didn't lose my dragons, although i havent logged into the character itself to check. I really want my old character back though, but i dont know what to do. Please help?


Unfortunately you're not gonna find any amazing pics here, sorry.

Though, there are some links to my dragons to view on pinterest. (Yes I'm on mobile, don't judge. Thanks.)

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Cassian chased away my subject again...

This happens often. If you see that character creation screen, just close out of your game. When you open it again, it won't change anything. 

Unfortunately since you saved your character I don't think you can go back, but perhaps if you PM Brynjolf or one of the Admins they could bring your character back :D




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This is a common bug I'm afraid.

What Car said is right. Close the game when it prompts you to make a new viking.


You should e-mail support asap to get your main character back, I'm sure the details are saved for a while.


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Uh oh.

No pressure, but maybe try and hurry to PM one of the admins. Hopefully you can get your character back.


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Yeah, I tried to PM Bryn but they still haven't responded. Its been about 12 hours since I sent the message. Right now im trying to send them an email, so hopefully they can help me. I really want my character back :/

PS. The closing the game thing for the glitch doesnt work. I did this about 3 times when it happened to make it go away, but every time it just sent me right back to the character creator with no exit.

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Try to uninstall it and then

Try to uninstall it and then reinstall it.