UDT Quest Issues/ Questions?

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This Post and Issue Isn't about the Numbers and of when you get the Star I already know the numbers for all of that.

I went from Bronze to Silver One in a Half awfully fast No Complaints with That Other then bugs with every step and turn I've played Droping the Rating of this Game down overall but the main thing I'm seeing is Main Quests overall Give Crud UDT I was at 1.5 Silver Stars I did 2 Almost 3 Expansion Packs and it Rose by a Whole Half a star a Whole Half a Star I was able to collect 4 Dragons Via Quests and Collect Half a Star But I did Roughly Foolish Quests that meant nothing before I got into the main Story Expansions and Collected all the way to 1.5 Silver Stars Now up to 2 Silver Stars so Could a Admin Tell me Why the main Quest line is worth Nothing in UDT? 

In all the Other Games I've Played the Main Quests of the Game are always worth the Most Points But not in School of Dragons it seems like Everthing Else is and it to be honest Drops the Rating in my opinion Again.