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I've been farming  like it is suggested, but I only get about 500 UDT a day. I see some people ( who are NOT hackers) who get over 5000 UDT a day. How do they do it? Is there some secret I haven't discovered?


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I have noticed a quick way to

I have noticed a quick way to get more then 5000 UDT points a day, but unfortunately it involves gems o= 


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How? tell me/us ,please

How? tell me/us ,please please please



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- Subject -

Options to get so much UDT :

- farming

- fishing

- racing

- doing Firenall Frenzy



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For me, I literally farm all

For me, I literally farm all day. Like, apart from the waiting time for the animals and crops, I'm always farming. While waiting, I'll play element match and frenzy. When my dragons get tired, I fish non-stop till I catch about 50 fish at one go. And, if I get bored, I'll shoot firepits. Its pretty much a repetitive cycle like this. And, I've gotten a lot of UDT just from repeating (:


For the farming, I suggest having a lot of sheep (they grow the fastest) and chicken (not as fast, and slightly more expensive feed but more effective point-giver XD). Also grow crops and do Johann's quests! 


Using gems: Its pretty much buying everything and using gems to speed up the process. For example: I have 10 sheep. Instead of buying feed and waiting for them to get fat, I can just use my gems to make them fat and rear them right away. Same goes for turkies, chickens, bunnies, yak, and all the plant crops. It gives you the UDT points and you'll be zooming through your farm. You can hit a lot of points really really quickly. But, you'll neeed tons of gems.


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Actually, chickens are not

Actually, chickens are not better for points. Not only do they take longer, but they cost a lot more. It is more worth it to invest in more sheep than feed chickens for UDT.


Here is a picture from my UDT guide on the Snow Leopard Forums.


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This is really helpful! I'm

This is really helpful! I'm certainly going to use these tecniques!


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For a that huge amount of UTD I one day, one answer I could think of is the extra UTD points from the Dragon Level Glitch

see the topic on Dragon Level Glitch: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/level-20-0

It varies from player to player. There's one that gave extra 10 UTD for every item (crops, wool, eggs, wood, etc) picked up, another got around 40 UTD in one round racing, another got extra 10 UTD for every food you feed to your dragon. There may be other that I haven't know yet.


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Oh yeah!! I forgot about

Oh yeah!! I forgot about that. I noticed that I was getting 10 UDT for feeding my dragon, but I thought that it always happened. I never really paid much attention to it o_o 



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grow more dragons...

 grew 10 dragons and my UDT points are 30_ _ _ _



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 1. Sleepy, he sleeps alot(Monstrous Nightmare)


 2. Drummer, sounds like drums(Thunder Drum)


 3. Deadly, yup very deadly(Whispearing Death)


 4. Thunderous Lighting, thunder+lightning=Destruction



 5. Fireymare, firey nightmare who busrts on fire to

defend itself(Titan Monstrous Nightmare)


 6. Heavy Boulder, eats heavy boulders(Gronkle)


 7. Water blower, find the water, suck the water and

blow the water(Scauldron)


 8. Brave & Slave, one is brave and one is his slave

(Hideous Zippleback)


 9. Spinefull, filled with poisonous, deadly spines(Deadly



 10. Dino-soar, looks like a Dino,but soars like an Eagle



 11. Misty Glower, mist makes this beast glow



 12. Neon Night Flyer, neon colors to fly at night

(Monstrous Nightmare)


 13. Thunderwave, makes huge waves that sounds like

thunder(Thunder Drum)


 14. Choco flapper, choco dragon that flies

(deadly nadder)


 15. Hobblecutter, looks like unknown species of dragons

from HTTYD 2(Hobblegrunt)


 16. Happy Master, explore beyond the limits happiness 

with this dragon(Hobblegrunt)


 17. Mr. Mad, this dragon is anything but happy, nothing

can make him happy(Hobblegrunt)


 18. Bubblegrunt,Want refund(Extra Hobblegrunt)


 19. Strong flyer, this dragon is the strongest dragon ever

seen, it can carry viking around(SmotheringSmokebreath)


 20. Invader, The invader of Berk, also known as the

Hofferson's bane(Flightmare)


 21. Fire cyclone, the skilled thypoon trained to battle

 the bad people who greed for more(Thyphoomerang)


 22. Undefeatable Titan, the dragon who deafeates all by

tunneling right under it(Titan Whispering Death)


 23. Precise-O-Flyer, Manuver Throught any Storm like a



 24. ALPHA FURY, One of the last of it's kind it was

rescued by me(Night Fury #2)


 25. Toothless(wished to have him), controlled by Bad

people do bad things(Night Fury)



 I there is any new dragon species, I'm taking 3 of each

over time


                   More Dragons coming soon... ;)







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Thanks for the advice!

Thanks for the advice!

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BTW...whats the use of the

BTW...whats the use of the turkeys feathers, milk and bunny wools? I believe that they are not junk for our inventory...isnt it?

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They can be sold at Trader Johann, and they might be included in future quests.


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Farm big, farm smart, farm

Farm big, farm smart, farm ALOT.


When I'm home in the evenings I log in and out of SOD when I have a free moment between doing things.....and go do a round of farming/prep the next set of crops etc.  Same when I'm on for longer periods of time playing, when I need to pull out of Frenzy or Thunderrun to replenish my dragon I go stop by the farm.


As someone said earlier, SHEEP.  But having some of everything doesn't hurt....I do, and do pretty well.  Yak are slow but cheap and a nice boost.  Chickens are more expensive true, but you can use the eggs to feed your dragon as well as bait, I like them.  Don't complete all the farming quests, check which ones are going to give you the most bang for your buck to keep you supplied with gold and to make up for the loss on all those eggs and wool -



There are some other sneaky tips, but really the point volumes is mostly just about farm size and time put into it.  If you have a few moments of pause, check out your farm and do a round!


Personally, I don't waste gems on farming....so you don't HAVE to.  Although I figure if you've got the money to burn it would be quick!


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What the heck is a UDT dragon?

Hey guys. Me again. I was wondering what a UDT dragon is? I know you get it by getting UDT points, but do they look any diferent? Thanks! Message me with your answer. Please join my clan: The Crystal Flames. Toodles! -gravityfallsfan5


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