Typhoomerang Love!

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Ariathena and I were so excited with the arrival of the Typhoomerangs, and we could not wait for my boy Blitzwing and her girl Tempest to meet each other! When we met eachother in the school, we flew around together before stopping for a quick break. What happened next was so cute, we just had to share it with you all!





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Aww that cute, they are eating each other's snouts <3


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I thought it was just kind of cute, how they're nudging each other. With the annimation, it looked like they were rubbing against each other and showing affection. x3

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Aww that is a BFF, this

Aww that is a BFF, this dragons are awsome!



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Hey there! So yes I'm back after a long break that I decided to take :3 I'm so happy to see u all again guys :D Hope to meet you one of this days! 


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Cool!:D:D:D May I have a look at the stats?:P


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Aww :3

My brother and I are going to meet up with our Typhoomerangs, as soon as they hatch!


P.S. That was a cute photo. X3



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