Two flying bugs

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I've found two bugs that can happen when a player flies on their dragon. The first bug causes the dragon to become hard to brake. Normally, a player only has to click on the brake button or dive into a surface to hover or land. When this bug hapens, simply clicking on the brake button or diving into the ground doesn't work. The dragon will act as if it's still accellerating or flying at top speed, which means that the player has to hold the brake button or dive multiple times to brake or land their dragon. This might not be true for everybody, but I've found that this bug usually happens when I'm flying one of the following: a Singetail, a Dramillion, a Prickleboggle, a Whispering Death, or a Screaming Death.


The second bug is most likely to occur during a battle. When this bug occurs, the player's dragon acts as if it's still hovering- sort of. The player has to hold the spacebar to make the dragon move, and they fly slowly. Almost as soon as the player releases the spacebar, the dragon returns to hovering. This can be mildly annoying when encountered during a battle.


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I also have found a bug which

I also have found a bug which also mostly occurs in battles where the dragon falls in the ground while flying.

Like, it just falls down on the ground for no reason

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Yea I have experienced that bug. It usually happens when I'm flying around and my dragon decides to stop flying and falls to the ground. With this bug I ended up falling into the abyss below, outside the map. And when I tried to go somewhere else, I would still fall through the map. It was quite interesting to see what was under every map for me. I wasn't in a battle event when this happened either so it can happen anytime.



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