Twins with Astrid

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What could possibly be better than one nadder?

Two nadders!



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Mikasa Asada x Tuffnut = OTP


Cos Tuffy needs a little love too x3


Made by AllyNadderRider
























Name: Mikasa Asada


Gender: Female

Age: HTTYD 1: 14 RTTE: 17 HTTYD 2: 19 Currently: 20

Origin: Viking Village, destroyed by dragon hunters. The village was a friend to all dragons. She used to have a white feathery dragon with red wing tips named Flamewhisper, but it was killed by viggo. She saved Tuffnut from dragon hunters in RTTE and became their friends.

Main Dragon: Previously Flamewhsiper but now a Purple Nadder with white Spikes named Poison Ivy.

Characteristics: Very shy and secretive, hides under a hood unless she knows you. Once she trusts you, very friendly and fiercly loyal, like her dragon xD


Hair Colour: Blonde

Hair Style: The Adventurous

Eyes: Gray/Green

Top: Black Fur Top

Pants: Black Skirt

Boots: Brown Fur Boots

Shoulderpads: None

Wristbands: Black

Helmet: None/Hood



Drawing of Mikasa Asada Made by Me <3 PM for one ^-^



Her and Tuffnut aka my OTP <3



Made By Frytha! Thanks!


Made by Umbreon27 =)





1. Comet the Monstrous Nightmare

2. Maya the Typhoomerang

3. Cosmos the Raincutter

4. Saikyo (Strongest in Japanese) the Razorwhip

5. Giso (disguise in Japanese) the Changewing

6. Chikara (Power in Japanese) the Rumblehorn

7. Anba the Deathsong

8. Fia the Whispering Death

9. Chaos the Singetail

10. Onion the Eruptadon

11. Radioactive the Flightmare

12. Poison Ivy the Deadly Nadder


Mikasa Asada and Poison Ivy =3



Flamewhisper (Will be added to a fanfiction soon!)







All Made By NarixuZen





Made by me 












Finally, Chandler Riggs is my Bae <3






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I never knew that Astrid had

I never knew that Astrid had a twin...XD



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Somethin' or Other the Chiropan. Made by the talented NightmareRebuff!

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Toothless and Tuffnut stole my subject...

Oh, my Thor! Astrid has a twin?!?! Cool XD I remember doing that quest... Then my game glitched out, and Tuff asked me to do something ._. But I don't really mind doing things for him :D



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