Twice the Twins, Twice the Fun!

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((Hey everyone, DragonLover43 here with the latest of my ingenius ideas for short stories. This one is only going to be a few chapters long, meaning ten at the most. Enjoy, and please, give feedback.))

I stood at the bow of the ship that was taking my sister and I to Berk. At the moment, she was puking over the side of the boat and feeding the fish with her pre-digested strips of boar, salt pork, and bread. I smirked to myself. It was hard to believe that as twins, we were nothing alike. In fact, the only way we knew we were twins was because we shared thoughts and emotions. Other than that, we were completely different in every way: She had golden-brown hair I had black. She had brown eyes I had blue. We share the same complexion and pigment of our skin, but that's where the physical similarities stopped.

Hey, you okay? I asked my sister silently. She sent back a wave of mixed feelings. On one hand it felt great to throw up when you were feeling sick, on the other hand she hated the burn it left in her throat. She got seasick when we were out on a wharf. She occasionally had a bit of difficulty with baths, so she took showers instead.

Never better. I'll be great when we reach Berk, Brrrlllgh! Her thought was cut off by another bout of vomitting. I pretended not to notice and watched the speck in the distance grow bigger.

"Berk! Two points off the starboard! Landho!" the man in the crow's nest cried.

The captain approached me. "Excuse me, Master Darren, but we're almost to Berk. We'll be there by nightfall, sir. I hope your trip with us was enjoyable," he said removing his cap and wringing it between his hands. He dipped a bow to me before returning to his position on the poopdeck. I sighed and went to find my poor sister, Deseri.


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Chapter 2-The Meeting

I set foot on the sturdy dock at Berk. It was nightfall, and there were several villagers gathered to welcome my sister and I. I looked around for the infamous Stoick the Vast, chief of the Hooligans, and found only a young man with a Night Fury there to greet us.

"Hello, welcome to Berk! I'm Hiccup, and this is Toothless," said the young Viking man with a cheery tone. As soon as he spoke my sister materialized at my side, already sending me waves of emotions I had a hard time keeping up with. First there was still the lingering sense of seasickness, and second there was the "Oohoohoo, what have we here? Helloooo handsome!" Finally she staggered down the short gangplank onto the wharf and swayed slightly, as she was still accustomed to the rocking deck.

"Hello, Hiccup. I'm Darren, and this is my twin sister Deseri. I thought our greeting party was going to contain Stoick. I was under that impression, and had assumed nothing had changed," I responded very formally. We shook hands, but I felt his tremble slightly. His eyes grew sad and he averted his gaze.

"My father...perished in the last battle we had," he mumbled brokenly. I instantly felt guilty, and Deseri sent a wave of alarm my way, but I ignored it.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know," I stammered quickly.

"It's alright," he insisted. "I was going to inform everyone at the next Chief Meet, since that's my job now. So anyways, what brings you two to our humble island?"

"Well, we were told that there is a place where we can learn about dragons." His eyes lit up. An explosion split through the air, and we all ducked just as a flaming wheel spun towards us. "What the devil was that?!"

"That was probably Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston," Hiccup sighed. "Just a second, I'll be right with you." He jumped on Toothless and they flew off in hot pursuit of the flaming wheel.

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I'm really enjoying this, please continue!




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I think have an idea of where

I think have an idea of where this is going... And I like it >:D


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Chapter 3-Plans, Parties, and Memories

As Hiccup and Toothless flew off, Deseri stared after him, sending me wave after wave of female emotions that began affecting me in wrong, disgusting ways. I mentally recoiled from it and blocked her out, leaving only the slight headache she had retained from falling out of bed that morning. 

Enough of that! I am a man and so is he! We're here to learn, Deseri, remember? Oh, hello, who have we here? I thought to my sister as my eyes lit on an angel in the middle of the Berkians. Her long, golden locks sat in a braid on her left shoulder, showing her spirited personality and helping to frame her beautiful face. And lo! The angel approacheth! I smiled at her as she came up to greet my sister and I.

"Hi, I'm Astrid Hofferson," she said warmly. She extended a perfect hand, which Deseri shook gracefully, followed by me. I tried to keep from looking like the creepy-stalker I felt since I hadn't taken my eyes off her face since I spied her. "Are you okay?"

"Huh? Oh, du-uh, yes! Never better," I stumbled over my words, tongue-tied from her ethereal looks. "I just wasn't expecting to see such a beauty like yourself this far from my homeland." I felt Deseri give me the equivalent of a mental slap at the idiocy I was showing. Fortunately I was saved from the embarrassment of my situation because my sister's queasy stomach chose that exact moment to rebel at the thought of being over deep water. She bolted to the edge of the dock and bent over, spewing more of her stomach contents into the sea. I turned to look at her, sending waves of comfort and gratitude for her distraction.

"Thanks, Hiccup tells me that all the time," Astrid's voice brought me back to the present, and my own body. I turned to face her.

"He does?" I asked a little weakly. I tried to keep my disappointment down. Of course she and Hiccup were dating! Who was I to think that she would be eligible and interested in me.

"Of course. We've been dating since we were fifteen. It's had a few rough moments, but it's been absolutely divine. These past six years have been simply, hm, magical," she said dreamily. In spite of my resolve not to get too close to her, my heart broke at the news that they'd been together that long.

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Chapter 4-Getting Settled and Attending a Feast

(Coming Soon!)