turning things into Johann in the farm

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Just did five of the new things that had green checks and a 10 minute timer came up, I waited the 10 minuets and got nothing no coins whould have got 648 coins?  


The changes are flustarting.  I had over 800 pumpkins harvest and over 800 turkey feathers, over 400 sheep wool that I spent tons of time and money getting now I can't even turn them in.  


Are there intructions someplace that explain the new farm options?


Also, Fireball Frinzze is not working?





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Youre not the only one

Youre not the only one frustred with the new trading quest. I have a lot of carrots saved up too and Im not gonna wait around for the lower crops to finish so they don't spoil. This is just a headache now. Dont get me wrong, the other updates are awesome. But not this one.