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TRR Racing Question:


In all TRR Racing Tracks is it true that they all have three glowing Green Targets on each Tracks. And, each racer must coming into contact with all three specific targets to complete the race.


I seem to remember that if you miss one of these three targets in Single Mode racing, you either turn back to go hit the target OR when you complete lap three, you and your dragon are thrown into a fourth lap of the track, in order to complete the full race.


Which means players, who have hit all the green targets correctly have finished the race at the end of lap three.


I want to confirm that every SOD TRR Track, in racing and single mode, should all have 3 glowing Green Targets.


I've been racing a specific track in Single mode and the track guide map shows three green dots on the map, as you run the race. However, I can't find the third Green Target on this track?? Also, this Single mode track is not making me run a fourth lap?? I don't know if this is just a gitch, I've run into, OR something else OR if I've just not racing this track correctly.


Even though I've completed this specific race track, in three laps, I've only found 2 Green Targets; but the racing maps guide still shows there is a third green dot/target on the track. I've not found the third target, and I've not been penatlized by being forced to run a 4th racing lap to complete the race. 


I await your input on this subject! And, Thanks for responding. CB





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There are three (green circuits) in each track and there are always 3 racing maps. If it happens that you fly over one of them, the other will not appear and you must either turn around or fly the same lap again.There is no official 4 lap. But if I remember correctly, the event tracks have two (Green Circles) even though it is a long time ago.

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I honestly haven't paid attention to how many checkpoints(the green targets)each track has but you do have to go through each of them to be able to progress to the next lap. If you're able to complete that track in single player normally then you've gone through all the checkpoints.


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On tracks such as Woolly Canyon and Trench Dive, those were two out of three tracks I remember having distinctly two checkpoint rings instead of three because of how short they are. For those tracks the third ring is the start/finish line. The same could be said for Nightmare Tide as well since I remember only two checkpoint rings on that track.


The rest, I am unsure. Though I know for fact that Poison Valley, Forbidding Ice, Hidden Lights, Frozen Warriors and Gronckle Run have three checkpoint rings + finish line. That is, if anyone else can confirm this. Technically, including the finish line, there would be four targets for you to fly through.


Also, it would probably be preferred to turn back to fly through the ring you missed in order not to miss your placement in the race. Either way, you'll have to fly through every checkpoint (green ring/dot) that you approach durinh the race to get good times.


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Hi, I want to thank

Hi, I want to thank Merryboron, HPowers and Rider Jyharri for their responses to my post. The information provided has indeed helped. 


Merryboron, you are so right, I was not running an additional lap in the race, but I was re-flying part or all of a current lap, because I missed contact with one of the Green Targets. Turning back is shorter, quicker; you lose less race time, but may not win the race. Going forward to refly the lap, means the race could end before you finish it. C'est la vie!

That's all okay. I consider myself a Klutz, so it doesn't surprise me that I still hit walls, get turn around in the race (Thank goodness, for large, bright red Directional Arrows!) and miss Green Targets.


HPowers, I have not paid much attention to the race map until recently. so I haven't really used it to my advantage. I started paying more attention, but, I didn't realize the green dots also indicate the Start/FinishLine! That's where I got confused about the number of Targets on the tracks. I've now raced some tracks in single mode, and when crossing the Start/FinishLine, I finally saw that green dot on the map change to a white/black checkered flag. Yay!!! It finally made sense. 


Rider Jyharri, thank you for clarification on race tracks and checkpoints being both Green Targets and the Start/FinishLine. I've been re-looking at the tracks in single mode to confirm how many checkpoints I need to hit as I race. It makes so much better sense, Now. Thanks.  

BTW, I usually turn around Immediately when I miss a checkpoint. Unfortunately, I don't always realize until I hit the next checkpoint area and the next Green Target is not there!! Ohhhhh No! Doesn't happen often, so C'est la vie! At this point, I relax and just attempt to finish the race. My race position no longer matter. I just want to finish the race!!!






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You're welcome! I'm glad we were able to help you. :)

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Glad I could help you :-)

(I have to get used to the fact that Czech names are difficult for others ♡ ^‿^

Otherwise, I'm glad I helped you at least a little ;-)

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You're quite welcome, it's a pleasure to help out an aspiring racer. You should do well with the tips that everyone has given you.