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hey, does anyone know how to get trophies. not clan achievments, but trophies. or are they the same thing? i can't seem to find a trophie page any where. can someone help?



































                                                             CLASH of the 

                      ROCKY LEGENDS



                        name: SPINEFIN


                        clan: Rocky   Legends

                        friend code:ANS9JA

                       clan position: LEADER



                                          MY DRAGONS












                                            name: TEALFIRE

                         gender: BOY

                         colors: GREEN, BLUE, PINK

                         dragon type: MONSTOROUS NIGHTMARE

                         dragon class: STOKER

                         level: 20

                         from: STARTER DRAGON

                                                                                                        Awesome Tealfire bouncie by Hattori!











                                          name: VYPOR

                        gender: BOY

                        colors: BLACK-BLUE, BLUE, RED

                                          dragon type: WHISPERING DEATH

                        dragon class: BOULDER

                        level: 19

                       from: MYSTERY EGG CHEST

                                                            Awe-inspiring Vypor bouncie by Hattori!                       
















            name: SKELETRON

            gender: BOY

            colors: WHITE(looks grey), RED, RED

            dragon type: WHISPERING DEATH

            dragon class: BOULDER

            level: 6

            from: THE NEW QUEST   amazing Skeletron bouncie by Hattori!















            name: ASMARA

            gender: girl

            colors: GREEN, DARK GREEN, LIGHT GREEN

            dragon type: SMOTHERING SMOKEBREATH

            dragon class: MYSTERY

            level: 5

            from: MYSTERY EGG CHEST

                                                        Terrific Asmara bouncie by Hattori!

                                                                                                  (which somehow won't work)













                     CLAN:   THE ROCKY LEGENDS








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Trophies are earned in thunder run racing. I suppose you are kind of new, do you know what that is? It is te big tower next to fireball frenzy. Your dragon must be level 10 or higher to enter. You compete against other players in racing with your dragon. If you win, you gain 10 trophies. If you are second, 5. For third place you get 2 or 3, I don't know. If you are fourth you loose a trophie (or two?) and if you are fifth or sixth you loose 5 trophies.




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The trophy amounts are

1st: +10 trophies

2nd: +5 trophies

3rd: +2 trohpies

4th: -1 trophy

5th: -2 trophies

6th: -5 trophies

DNF (Did not finish race, which means you left during the race): -5 trophies


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Individuals may earn trophies

Individuals may earn trophies from playing Fireball Frenzy, Thunder Run  and from winning "challenges".


Clans may earn extra trophies from earning achievments, like "Dragon Nip Heroes" and "Meatlug Maniacs" and so on.


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