"Triple" account?

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I've been wandering around the SoD for a while now, not having too many issues, but now that I joined the Alchemy Adventure not-so-serious problem escalated making me anxious about possible ban for multiaccount or something like that. Here's what happened:

1. I joined the School of Dragons using my facebook account which made the account creation... well... complex. All in all the effects are the following: my account has no real e-mail assigned to it. When I wanted to play I just selected the game from facebook or used blue "Log-in" button on SoD page to login via facebook.

2. Side effects to the above:

- I am unable to change contact e-mail from this:


to any legitimate e-mail address (in this case my forum-registration e-mail).

- I can't change my password. Here's something even better: to access "Manage Account" I type my facebook password, and it lets me in. Once I attempt to change password, the site is like "nope", regardless to whether I typed the old password (the one from facebook) or not.

- I had to create another account dedicated to SoD forum, because facebook login does not allow to post messages or create any topic.

3. The issue escalated once I joined Alchemy Lab - the game demanded from me an account at SoD and it seemed as if yet another account has been created - dedicated to the new game, with new viking name (tried to type my original name but it refused to accept it), this time the game sent validation message to my e-mail/gmail. The problem is, for the forum I created special/dedicated e-mail address, which is different from my facebook assigned e-mail. Now that SoD Alchemy Lab and School of Dragons were "merged" and rewards are shared in both games, my viking has suddenly changed name to her original name from SoD... but left the previous viking on "friends list" or "friends score" at Facebook tab with my real life name to follow.

Tried to contact support before the point 3 occured but the problem seems so convoluted, I don't even know my real name at this point.

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Hi Castaena, We're sorry that

Hi Castaena,

We're sorry that you are experiencing this! Did you say that you have contacted Customer Support already? Have they gotten back to you yet?

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My request (#370006) has been

My request (#370006) has been received and was supposed be processed by customer support team. It was a request to change e-mail, the thing is: it is only possible to send request by giving e-mail address, the e-mail address in my account is gibberish so I used e-mail that was not registered until I used it for this forum. Which makes me think the request was detected as false and cancelled or deleted. I got the confirmation of my request on August 6.