Trapped in Tutorial

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I had recently deleted my viking, and I totally regret it. The tutorial was working just fine until all of a sudden, I could not get past the part where you need to open a lock to free a dragon from a cage. The first time I tried, the cage would open, but the mission would still require you to open the lock. I decided to close the game and try again, but this time, I could not click on the cage at all. When waving over the cage with my mouse, the cage would turn yellow, but the mouse wouldn`t turn into a hand and I couldn`t even click on it. I`ve closed and opened the game, entered and exited the game, and even swapped between computers, and it still would not work.


After exploring for a bit, it seems as if I can still cut down the rope (basically do the mission before the cage mission), but nothing more.


It seems as if I`m not the only person who encountered this problem either. I checked reviews on the Microsoft Store and there are a lot of people who have encountered this problem as well. Will I have to redo the tutorial? Is there anything I can do?