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Here goes the all-BRAND new Top Racing Dragons!

My last one was posted back then in 2018, yet some new dragons appeared and it now needs some... additions...


Here go ALL racing dragons! The 63 species available in-game! Counting on Toothless and the Light Fury. (This include the Speed Stinger, though it can't fly)


Before I post, here are some things you need to read:

- These are my personal results! Dragons may have a different racing position for you!

- Each dragons have different stats!

- Titan Dragons don't have any racing stat boost EXCEPT their firepower!

- Don't be saying that this list is not good (example) by saying the Terrible Terror is not that slow (Speed Stat may lies), I tried it so many times and yes, it's the slowest...

- DO NOT mind my glitched armor, please. It is just a glitch I used, so do not worry about it. It is also not permanent, so I might remove it next Monday.

- Everyone have their own opinion on their racing dragons!

- Again, this is my personal list and results!

- DO NOT DIRECTLY REPLY TO THE FOLLOWING POST! I will need to edit it when new dragons will come out in-game!



You can track this thread if you want to!




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RotomDex Roasted My Subject...

Dragons #63 to #53


#63 Speed Stinger's Result: 00:00:00

Actually, since the Speed Stinger cannot fly, it has one big zero on the racing result. Let's hope we get some racing tracks for them!


#62 Terrible Terror's Result: 01:51:80

It maybe hae some good speed stat, but don't get fooled by it. It is actually the slowest flying dragon in the entire game!


#61 Flame Whipper's Result: 01:45:65

A dragon you can get by the Expansion: Secret of the Leviathan. The Flame Whipper are very slow compared to what their speed stat says. They may have good Acceleration and all, but the Speed Stat isn't that good...


#60 Prickleboggle's Result: 01:40:87

One of the best battle dragon, but also one of the slowest in-game. Prickleboggles have very good stat, but are sadly not very good for racing sue to their speed. Though... excellent Battle dragon!


#59 Rumblehorn's Result: 01:38:75

One of the starter dragon you can get at the very beggining of your adventure! Decent battle dragons, and not very good racers. But you'll be glad to have a strong beast on your side!


#58 Armorwing's Result: 01:38:73

A dragon you can get from the Expansion: Battle for the Edge. The Armorwing is also a decent dragon in battle, and may get you Silver a lot. Though not fast, I would not suggest to use them in Racing, even if they have good Pitch and Turn rates, their acceleration is not worth it, same as it's speed.


#57 Snaptrapper's Result: 01:38:54

One of my favorite Mystery Class dragon! Snaptrappers are good to use in battles if you decide to fire from the recharge station. But beware of it's speed, it is not this good in racing. Medium turn rate but quite fast Pitch rate.


#56 Hobblegrunt's Result: 01:38:20

A good battle dragon, but extremely bad racing dragon. The Turn rate is very different than any other dragons. It takes at least 4-5 seconds to make a full circle...


#55 Tide Glider's Result: 01:37:91

A pretty dragon with good racing stats, but isn't much fast and may slow down if bumped. Even if they aren't fast, they are good battle dragons if it's to stay at the recharge station!


#54 Crimson Goregutter's Result: 01:37:58

A very amazing looking dragon and puppy-like beast! Though not great racer, it seems doing good in battle with it's fast fire shots!


#53 Buffalord's Result: 01:37:22

A big porcupine dragon. A huge spiky pillow, but kind-hearted beast. Buffalords are somehow doing pretty good in battle, though not the very best. In racing, it's another story xD

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#52 to #43


#52 Thunderpede's Result: 01:36:98

A very underrated dragon... Thunderpedes are rarely seen in SoD, I don,t know why, but maybe because of how they look... anyway... Thunderpedes are decent in battles, and do good in racing, though you may finish mostly third or fourth place if you are against pro racers.


#51 Gronckle's Result: 01:36:76

Gronckles are probably the most underrated dragon starter... though I love Meatlug! They are good battle dragons if used from the recharge station. Though not much good for racing, but still worth trying them out!


#50 Snafflefang's Result: 01:36:59

Another rarely seen dragon. Snafflefangs are decent in battles, yet also do good in racing!


#49 Scauldron's Result: 01:36:54

Scauldrons are my favorite Tidal Class dragons! They're so cute! Called best dragon for battle event, Scauldrons sure do many damages with their 14 shots! They may seem slow but if you try them out in racing, you'll see they do have great stats, even with their speed!


#48 Shovelhelm's Result: 01:36:04

One of my favorite Boulder Class dragon! Also rarely seen, Shovelhelms do quite some damages in battles, but their precision is so terrible that you have to stand very close to the ship if you don't wanna miss your shots. Slow acceleration in racing, and horrible turn rate. You shouldn't use this dragon on a race track with many sharp turns... (Gronckle Run or even Woolly Canyon)


#47 Deadly Nadder's Result: 01:35:58

My favorite Non-Members starter dragon! Deadly Nadders are pretty dragons, yet strong and dangerous :'D

They are good battle dragons and might get you gold sometimes, if there isn't much Scauldrons or Prickleboggles around. In racing, they do pretty well. Their stats are quite good and the speed sure may make them look slow, but hey, we aren't in the show and it's not Stormfly!


#46 Smothering Smokebreath's Result: 01:35:48

A tiny dragon! Smothering Smokebreathes are considered decent in battle event, and also in racing. They sure have good stats, but they are pretty far to be the best racers.


#45 Deathgripper's Result: 01:35:44

My second most favorite Strike Class dragon! A dragon you can get by making the Expansion: The Hidden World. Deathgrippers are actually doing good in battle events, and in my opinion, they also do very well in racing! I've once kept on with a Sand Wraith, it was close, but I came second xD

They have very good stats for a big dragon, especially on the Pitch rate!


#44 Eruptodon's Result: 01:35:31

The Eruptodon is a dragon you can get by making the Expansion: Return to Dragon Island. Eruptodons sure do many damages in battle event! But sadly, their slow recharge make them get you sometimes bronze or silver. In racing, they do.... well... their acceleration is extremely horrible, just like the Singetail, they are so slow if they don't have a boost right after the race started. They do have good stats, yet, the acceleration needs a work on o-o


#43 Moldruffle's Result: 01:35:04

Moldruffles are also one of the dragons to be rarely seen in the game. They are sometimes used by other player in battle event for decent recharge and firepower of 23. In racing, they have pretty good stats, except Pitch rate and speed stats.

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Captcha doesn't like me very much

cool! Which is the best one? the Sandwraith? (LOL Almost said sandfurry) did I reply correctly? 


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Yeah, you replied correctly ^^

I will soon post the next ones but right now I can't because my PC is being acting like a old computer :'D

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Wow, amazing list Sheyla!

First thing's first...thank you ever so much for posting this! It might seem as though no one reads it, but I'm sure lots of people on hte forum here have stoppped to read it. 

Second, I love seeing the dragons listed like this. The Tide Glider is one of my all-time faves, but it doesn't do very well in racing. I love the colors that you have for your dragons, the Titan Buffalord's colors are very outstanding :D 





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