Top 59 Racing Dragons

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I wanted to make a top racing dragons so I took ALL dragons in-game and make their results in Thunder Run Racing. I did three races with each of them and took the best result I got. 


Things to know:

- I included Toothless in this list because he is a playable dragon.

- This is my PERSONNAL OPINION AND RESULTS on the Racing dragons. 

- Some of the dragons are maybe not logicals in the Racing results, but I've been with my racing outfit the whole time.

- Please do not complain about a Racing Dragon. This is my own opinion on them.

- I did not add the Speed Stinger because this dragon can not fly.


Let's start!


Number 59: Terrible Terror

Result: 01:51:66 

I was really sad to know that the Terrible Terror is the most slowest Dragon in my list. I really like this dragon but I guess it is understandable to see this dragon being slow at racing because of its tiny body.


Number 58: Flame Whipper

Result: 01:44:55

Another dragon that makes me sad to put very down in the list of racing. I've did several races with this dragon but it still extremelly slow even with its speed stats which looks good.


Number 57: Prickleboggle

Result: 01:40:66

I am surprised to see that the Prickleboggle is not the slowest dragon in racing. It has beat two of them even with his bad speed. It still a very good dragon for Battle Events.


Number 56: Hobblegrunt (Threadtail)

Result: 01:39:12

I never have used Hobblegrunt in racing simply because of its terrible turn rate. But Hobblegrunts are still a lots used in Battle Events.


Number 55: Armorwing

Result: 01:38:68

Slow racing dragon but has good stats exception of it's speed.


Number 54: Snaptrapper

Result: 01:38:56

One of my favorite Mystery class dragon. Sadly, it is slow at racing but has a very good design.


Number 53: Rumblehorn

Result: 01:38:37

One of the dragons you can get for your first dragon. Slow but strong!


Number 52: Tide Glider

Result: 01:37:50

A cute Tidal class dragon! Slow speed in racing but a good Battle Even dragon (if you stay on the light spot with it though)


Number 51: Buffalord

Result: 01:37:09

I totally fell in love with this Titan. I absolutely LOVE his explosive fireballs. Maybe a slow racing dragon but is a nice and amazing looking dragon!


Number 50: Snafflefang

Result: 01:36:88

A Boulder class dragon. It is a nice looking dragon but sadly, a slow one at racing...


Number 49: Thunderpede

Result: 01:36:72

I don't really like the Thunderpede not only because of its bad speed, but because of it's... human looking body... Earthquake needs some love, but I like her the way she is! 

- Hug Earthquake (+ 10 love)

- Not hug Earthquake (- 10 love)


Number 48: Scauldron

Result: 01:36:58

One of the BEST Battle dragon. It is a slow racing dragon but it has the best shots in Battle Event! I can't wait for it's Titan form!


Number 47: Gronckle

Result: 01:36:52

A lovely Boulder class dragon. Maybe one of the most adorable dragon but sadly slow in races.


Number 46: Eruptodon

Result: 01:35:91

A Boulder class dragon. The Eruptodon's Acceleration stat is not the best but has a very good turn rate!


Number 45: Shovelhelm

Result: 01:35:80

One of my favorite Boulder class dragon. A good animation at running and flying but a slow racer.


Number 44: Deadly Nadder

Result: 01:35:66

My favorite Tracker class dragon! Very amazing looking and so beautiful and maybe the most popular starter dragon. Is a nice racing dragon though.


Number 43: Smothering Smokebreath

Result: 01:35:01

A small Mystery class dragon. It is a nice racing dragon even for it's size.


Number 42: Moldruffle

Result: 01:34:85

A Stocker class dragon. I don't really use this dragon but it seems popular in Battle Events. A nice racing dragon.


Number 41: Hideous Zippleback

Result: 01:34:84

A Mystery class dragon. Sadly my least favorite of the four starter but love the Titan form. A nice racing dragon.


Number 40: Screaming Death

Result: 01:34:66

My favorite Boulder class dragon. Scary and strong in Battle Events, the Screaming Death is a nice racing dragon!


Number 39: Elder Sentinel

Result: 01:34:48

A Boulder class dragon. Leader of the Sentinels, his speed stat is good but it still a O.K. racing dragon.


Number 38: Triple Stryke

Result: 01:34:37

One of my favorite Strike class dragon. I love the Triple Stryke but it is not the best racing dragon. But it has good stats!


Number 37: Raincutter

Result: 01:34:25

A nice looking Sharp class dragon! I used that dragon as my racing dragon due to his speed. This is a nice Battle dragon too!


Number 36: Whispering Death

Result: 01:34:22

A Boulder class dragon. Is good in Battle Event and racing.


Number 35: Singetail

Result: 01:33:98

A Stocker class dragon. Good in Battle Events but has a slow start in racing.


Number 34: Hotburple

Result: 01:33:80

A cute fat Boulder class dragon. Is not a really good battle dragon but has some good speed for racing.


Number 33: Timberjack

Result: 01:33:63

One of my favorite Sharp class dragon. Probably the biggest dragon in-game. Is a good Battle and racing dragon.


Number 32: Fireworm Queen

Result: 01:33:34

A Stocker class dragon. A glowing flying snake! A good racing dragon and good stats!


Number 31: Sentinel

Result: 01:33:19

A Boulder class dragon. A bit like the Elder Sentinel, but has better speed.


Number 30: Boneknapper

Result: 01:33:16

One of my favorite Mystery class dragon. A fast firebreather dragon but also a good racer one!


Number 29: Thunderdrum

Result: 01:33:15

A Tidal class dragon. It is a lot used in Battle Events and is a good racer.


Number 28: Groncicle

Result: 01:33:12

A Boulder class dragon. Is a good Battle and racer dragon.


Number 27: Sliquifier

Result: 01:32:98

A Tidal class dragon. Turn rate is a bit terrible but still a good racing dragon.


Number 26: Stormcutter

Result: 01:32:87

Good stats and a nice Battle dragon. It is also a nice racer!


Number 25: Devilish Dervish

Result: 01:32:86

One of my favorite dragon in-game! All of it's stats are nice for racing and is a very good battle dragon if there is not a lots of Prickleboggles, Scauldrons or (Titan) Screaming Deaths.


Number 24: Changewing

Result: 01:32:58

Good stats and a nice Battle and racing dragon!


Number 23: Monstrous Nightmare

Result: 01:32:40

One of the most popular starter of the game. It is a nice racing and Battling dragon with amazing and fast turn rate.


Number 22: Sweet Death

Result: 01:32:04

Good stats and a good Battling and Racing dragon!


Number 21: Grapple Grounder

Result: 01:31:88

One of my favorite dragon in-game! Not a very good Battle dragon but has good racing stats exception of Pitch Rate...


Number 20: Death Song

Result: 01:31:77

Good battle and racing dragon. Good stats exception for a bit of its Turn Rate.


Number 19: Typhoomerang

Result: 01:31:73

I very fast racing dragon which can keep racing with a Snow Wraith. But stats are not really good looking except for Speed stat.


Number 18: Dramillion

Result: 01:31:51

One of my favorite dragon in-game. It is a very nice racing dragon but also a good Battle one even with it's slow fire recharge.


Number 17: Catastrophic Quaken

Result: 01:31:50

A good racing dragon with good stats, but is not a really good Battle dragon due to it's slow fire shots.


Number 16: Mudraker

Result: 01:31:43

A good racing dragon with good stats, but not a good Battle one.


Number 15: Grim Gnasher

Result: 01:31:33

A fast dragon even for it's stats. Is really fast at racing but is also a good Battle dragon.


Number 14: Night Terror

Result: 01:31:29

A fast racing dragon even for it's tiny size. Good stats but sadly not a good Battle dragon.


Number 13: Shivertooth

Result: 01:31:12

A very good racing dragon. Good stats and also a good Battle dragon.


Number 12: Razorwhip

Result: 01:31:04

A very amazing racing dragon. It has good stats but slow start. It is a good Battle dragon.


Number 11: Windwalker

Result: 01:31:02

The second fastest Tidal class dragon. Stats are really good and it's speed is also great! It is also a very good Battle dragon.


Number 10: Scuttleclaw

Result: 01:30:91

A nice and very fast racing dragon! It has very good stats and is also a nice Battle dragon!


Number 9: Silver Phantom

Result: 01:30:78

A fast racing dragon. It has very good stats even for its Pitch Rate. It is a good Battle dragon too.


Number 8: Shockjaw

Result: 01:30:59

A fast and good racing dragon. It is also a nice Battle one.


Number 7: Skrill

Result: 01:30:41

My favorite dragon in game in the top 10! Sadly not the fastest but one of the best! Amazing stats and good speed to keep up with Toothless. Sadly, not a good Battle dragon lol.


Number 6: Flightmare

Result: 01:30:29

A fast and beautiful dragon. It is also able to keep up with a Snow Wraith. It is not a really good Battle dragon either.


Number 5: Sand Wraith

Result: 01:30:27

One of the most used dragon in racing because of its amazing stats. It can keep up with Toothless and a Snow Wraith very easily. It is also a good Battle dragon.


Number 4: Woolly Howl

Result: 01:30:23

Another good racing dragon with it's amazing speed! It's Turn Rate still need to be better but it still in the top 10 racing dragon! It is also a good Battle dragon.


Number 3: Slithersong

Result: 01:29:58

I didn't expected the Slithersong being in the fastest dragon! I am actually impressed! It has good stats and is also a good Battle dragon.


Number 2: Snow Wraith

Result: 01:29:35

The second best racing dragon in-game! It has good stats but not much amazing Turn Rate. It is not a good Battle dragon due to his bad Precision and slow fire shots.


Number 1: Toothless (I didn't got membership so here's a random picture I found lol)

Result: 01:27:88

And our Champion is of course... Toothy! Our favorite Night Fury in HTTYD movies! He has the best stats for Racing and is mostly used by the best racers! He is sadly not a good dragon for Battle even with his Alpha Glow.


I'm happy to have finished this xD

It takes me 3 hours to make all of these things!

My fingers hurt lol.

Which of your dragons do you use the most in racing?

I mostly use: Skrill, Sand Wraith, Woolly Howl, Toothless or Dramillion




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The main racing dragons I like to use are toothless, snow wraith, night terror, and a titan flightmare. Turns + speed imo are the most important. 




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Lmao I love this



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Nice List!

I love this list! Your dragons are quite amazing as well.


I like to race with Evergreen, my Monstrous Nightmare most of the time. Evergreen is a pretty good racer TBH; I can sometimes beat a Sand Wraith with him. The Dramillion just came out and racing is still bugged, so I don't believe I've done many races. But, I did some of Flight Club glide training and Blitz was phenomenal! I also recently tried one race with my Scuttleclaw, Skyrise, and really enjoyed flying on him!


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Dragons List

Evergreen | Monstrous Nightmare

Flare | Whispering Death

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Turid | Hotburple

Turtle | Sandwraith

Torben | Thunderdrum 

Torbette | Thunderdrum

Frostbite | Hobblegrunt

Pyxie | Woolly Howl

Night Shadow | Flightmare

Lavender | Death Song

Sparky | Monstrous Nightmare

Neon | Speed Stinger

Lemontart | Snafflefang

Nessabella | Tide Glider

Skyrise | Scuttleclaw

Cheer | Fireworm Queen

Blitz | Dramillion

Stoneflare | Eruptodon



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Rotom! Did you just steal my subject?!

Thanks! Glad that you like it!

Dramillions are good racing dragons! The first time I tried them it was like if I was faster than a Snow Wraith. It's all about skill but I enjoyed racing with my Dramillion!

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Prestige Ranking

This race ranking system really guides us dragon riders on which dragons are relatively the most fun to race with, due to speed, turn rate, personality even!

I want to see a more accurate version of a list like this, but no buffs with racing armor, as small as they may be. Also, I'd average each dragon's time on all of the racing tracks to get the most accurate score for overall Thunderrun Racing, but this is something I can probably do in my spare time. 


Dragon Racer.

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Wow! Thanks for taking the

Wow! Thanks for taking the time to make that detailed list!


I usually stick to my Sandy for racing :D



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Rotom! Did you just steal my subject?!

Haha! I also mostly use Sand Wraith for racing because of their stats!

Making the list took me two weeks though because of all these annoying crashes and the Battle Events

I'm glad to have finished it xD

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Wow, thanks for the effort you made!

For me personally a Flame Whipper works better than a Zippleback though and Triple Strykes are the dragons I've been most successful at racing (second place at battle events, after Threadtail), I'm pretty happy with my Smokebreath now as well. I don't have one or two racing dragons, I just use one dragon for everything until it reaches maximum level, which is probably bad for my trophies but I don't care ;)

The worst dragon I ever used in races was a Threadtail, I had to stop at almost every corner because of the horrible turns only to continue flying quite slowly. And then there were all those Toothless users who used traps against me - as if I had a chance beating them (they probably thought I was hacking because I even think about using such a bad dragon haha) XD I still finished every race with her so yeah I'm happy


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Dragon Cannonball


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My imaginary Stormcutter by Zikta
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lightMyFire by Zikta

Sandstorm and icyRoad by Zikta

RiverAndConcrete by Wixyigzy

Asura by Zikta

RiverAndConcrete by Zikta
Asura by AntroTyree
Sandstorm by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

LiveWire by dogloven
LiveWire by AntroTyree

DeadWrong by Zikta

Sandstorm by Zikta

Sandstorm by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta
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Primal Scream, a female Blazing Firemaw, adopted from Zikta

DeadWrong the philosoph by Zikta
DehydratedCoyote by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX
lightMyFire by XxXPurpleHolking
Asura by XxXPurpleHolking
Sandstorm by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

lightMyFire by Zikta

Megaphone after playing in the snow and becoming friends with the one and only psycho Boneknapper aka this happens when you fail to request the right colors by Zikta

my trumpet dragon Allamanda by ScaleFeatherz

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DeadWrong - maybe he has changed by Zikta
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TBone and Nightrain by Zikta

Lucid Dream, a Flightmare chosen and drawn by Zikta

LiveWire by Zikta

LiveWire by Zikta
DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta
DeadWrong kidnapped by Zikta

Nightrain playing with Zikta's Gronckle meteor (with helmet, just to be safe, a header is dangerous, you know)

deadHorse by Zikta

my waterproof hairdryer dragon Siccy by TosiLohi

Primal Scream as Titan Wing by Zikta

Siccy the titan wing waterproof hairdryer dragon by Zikta

Allamanda the titan wing trumpet dragon by Zikta

Edit of Emperor Scorpion by Zeezur

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

Easter Fire by Zikta

Fab One by Zikta
KillerOnTheRoad by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

Sandstorm sunbathing by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

DeadWrong by XxSilver.NightxX

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

Emperor Scorpion and DeadWrong by Zikta

Nubecula Pulverea the Woolly Howl, chosen and made by RagingNature

Piscatora Spinata, a Whispering Glider by snowflake12298

Nubes Gravis, a male Artillery Wyvern by Wildvanity

Emperor Scorpion by Kasanelover

WhisperInTheDark and Sweetchbladeknives by piggyxl

Emperor Scorpion by RoaringOrigins

Tiger Baby by ELSA II

Mudhoney and Firework by Zikta

Marinecutter by Madoka Miyazono

DehydratedCoyote by Fireflash

Tiger Baby by Zikta

Nubecula Pulverea and Tiger Baby meeting for the first time by RoaringOrigins

Dragon Cannonball by RedHoodJason

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

DemonStinger by Zikta

Quatsch und Tratsch by sunsetlightthelovely

Sandstorm by Zikta

liveWire the cactus by HoneyCloudy

liveWire by sunsetlightthelovely

cute DemonStinger and a cute fish by RoaringOrigins

DeadWrong by Zikta

deadHorse by Zikta

Tiger Baby by Zikta

Sandstorm by Zikta

Give DeadWrong back -_- by Zikta (note that question mark)

DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta

Pluto and DemonStinger by Zikta

Quatsch und Tratsch, RiverAndConcrete and Ignis et Cinis by RoaringOrigins

Tiger Baby by Zikta

Witchura by Zikta

Threadfail by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

An Artillery Wyvern egg by Wildvanity

Look who hatched! Bluehound Star the Artillery Wyvern by Wildvanity

Threadfail by Zikta

Bête Traquée by LissaFish

KillerOnTheRoad as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Ignis as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Cinis as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Bête Traquée as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Reward with DehydratedCoyote by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX (no thanks, you're number one :3)

Tiger Baby by AndreaEaston

Sandstorm by AndreaEaston

DehydratedCoyote by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

Hypergolic by RoaringOrigins

Primal Scream by LissaFish

Some non-forum-RP birds by RoaringOrigins

Pics by me


Dragon Cave
Shortwing Spirit the Albino Dragon
Hochspannungsleitung the Electric dragon
Vasoline the Sunstone Dragon
Attitoode the Misfit Pygmy
IronCurtain the Split Dragon
Twump Towers the Gilded Bloodscale Dragon
SpeedOfSound the Carmine Wyvers
Magik Hemelfeeks the White Dragon

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Rotom! Did you just steal my subject?!

Wow, racing with only one dragon until it reaches level 30 must be very long! The important is to have fun leveling it up, no matter how it looks hard xD

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Even Flow
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But my main way to level them up is battle events, you don't really get a lot of XP when racing. It sometimes is hard, especially when I can't really deal with them in battles and races but it's a good way to get to know the pixel dragons XD

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Rotom! Did you just steal my subject?!

Yeah xD

I mostly use Battle Event to level up my Titans to 30 (3 titans left! :D)

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Eddy! Stop drilling through the floor of my house!

Nice list! My personal favs:
I’m earning as good results as with my Sand Wraith. Sometines even better! It's turn rate and speed is fantastic!
2. Sand Wraith
Sand Wraiths are really fast, I'm getting really good results with ma boi Toothless.
3. Windwalker
I tried racing with my Windwalker on Saturday, and I'm pretty proud of the result we got together. She is almost as fast as Toothie, just one second slower.


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20190720-111530 Stop hating on these adorable babies! :'( That's all for now! Bye! (Can you believe that my siggy is 100% made on mobile?) IMG_20180809_093422 The Psyho Boneknapper is watching you! Psyho_Boneknapper_banner 2fmeo8 It's time to disapear! (Look, Buff Buff is better than the Light Fury!)

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Rotom! Did you just steal my subject?!

Weee! Quaken is our boi! xD

I would really like to see the Quaken being in the top 10 simply because it's one of my favorite Boulder class :D

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Tracking! Thank you for taking the time to make this and share it with us!




Welcome to my signature!



Shiny the Night Fury and my viking, Audra. Thank you so much, chameisida!!!


Drawn by the wondefully talented, XxSilver.NightxX, this is my main viking, Lightning Storm my skrill, and Einar my triple stryke. I am eternally grateful!


Drawn by the amazing Alicornbrodie. Thank you so very much!


Midnight Sun the Sinistrous Woodreaper by the talented chameishida! Thank you so much!



The Ravers roleplay cast by S-Ham. That was so thoughtful of you!


Shiny again, by the awesome nightfuryatom! Thank you!


Emerald, drawn by the super talented DyliehIdol1214!


Darkmoon, also drawn by DyliehIdol1214!



Viking Name: MysticLunarPegasus

Friend Code: N/A






Hiccup= me and Toothless= HTTYD 3


Related image


Just a lil bit about me: I'm a Christian, a college student, a writer, and a Star Wars nerd.


Still Under Construction. Please Hold At The Moment. :)



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Rotom! Did you just steal my subject?!

No problem! :D

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Tracking so I don't forget 

I usually use my razorwhip for everything haha poor Silver



Signature coming soon...

PM me if you want to make me one ;)





My main dragons


Silver, Female Razorwhip

Sugar, Female Deathsong

Rosie, Female Deadly Nadder


All my dragons in the order I got them

Glowfire ~ Female Flightmare

Firerose (Rosie) ~ Female Deadly Nadder

Dreamcatcher ~ Female Deadly Nadder

Snowwarrior ~ Male Groncicle

Bing and Bam ~ Male Zippleback

Scissors ~ Male Whispering Death

Sugar ~ Female Death Song 

Silver ~ Female Razorwhip

Scrappy ~ Male Amourwing 

Foggy ~ Male Eruptadon

Twilight ~ Female Flamewhipper

Icey ~ Male Shivertooth



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Thanks for making this list. I’ve been racing a lot lately and now I know to always use my woolly








Name: IIKrisHiddenWarriorII

Clan: Er...I have a clan but I’m kinda switching between some so I’m never in a clan for too long now 

Gender: Female

Friend Code: PM me and get to know me

Favorite Dragon: My Woolly Howl, Spirit. Still love my other dragons tho 

More about my Forum Viking Name: Kari Vali is the name of my forum Viking. She is a strong female who fights for her friends and family. She disappeared while she was quite young age. When she got older, she wanted to find him. She traveled by boat and ended up on an island where she saw a woolly howl that was distant from the others. Within days, she tamed the woolly and saw a boat of Hunters coming to the island. She defended the island, gaining the trust of all the woollys. Kari finds out from of the hunters that her dad died whilst protecting the dragons too. She left her younger brother to protect the woolly island. From then on, Kari made it her mission to travel the world to protect the dragons (or at least till it was her job to be in charge). She ends up finding Hiccup and the others at Dragon's Edge and stays with them till she gets a letter saying that their woolly island is under attack from hunters. After defending them, she finds that another group were attacking the village. Her mom unfortunately gets hurt in battle but recovers. Kari then takes over as chief whilst her mom is healing. She remains allies and friends with Hiccup and Berk. She helps them with their fight against Viggo, Grimmel, etc. Overall, Kari is a strong, brave, smart, and kind viking who is best friends with her dragon and friends with those around her. 


Note- Credit to Rutvi123123 aka IIPowerBTSII for drawing my profile picture! And thank you to all the other artists who drew my something. I am unable to put the pictures here because...reasons (storage on my devices, etc) but you know who you are so thank you! 




~ Kris/Krissy/other nicknames my friends call me ★♥

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Commenting to find this

Commenting to find this easier ^^ Thank you for the list!



Table of Contents


∙IG Info

∙About Me

∙My Dragons




IG Info


1k+ trophies

33 dragons and counting

10 titans

Stormcutters are the absolute best


Friend Code: GAGN21

Always looking for new friends ^^

2 gold stars (170000+ UDT)




About Me

Hey fellow dragon riders! I’m Singing Skies (what I use for everything), but you can call me Skies. I played this game about 4 years ago, but I came back on April 14, 2019, and started fresh. Ever since then, I’ve been pretty active and am currently growing my dragon army ^^


I am 15 years young, and my zodiac is a Virgo. I’m also very independent; I don’t like relying on other people when I need to get/do something (*cough, parents* >.<)


As for my hobbies outside of SoD, I am a pianist (8 years) and a cellist (4 years). I also enjoy reading, listening to music, writing stories, practicing art, etc. (I’m probably forgetting a few).


My favorite music genres include Classical, Pop, Jazz, and R&B, but I also just like whatever sounds nice. Here’s my Spotify link if you’re interested!




My Dragons

Favorite Dragon Breeds: Stormcutter, Night Fury, Sand Wraith, Triple Stryke, Deathsong, Skrill

Favorite Dragon Classes: Sharp, Strike, Stoker



Omru - Titan Male Stormcutter (Primary!!!)

Imera - Titan Female Stormcutter (Primary)

Razzy - Adult Male Razorwhip



Equinox - Titan Female Wooly Howl

Shadowstorm - Titan Male Skrill

Vespa - Titan Female Triple Stryke

Pikachu - Adult Male Triple Stryke

Toothless - Adult Male Night Fury

Light Fury - Adult Female Light Fury

Deathvenim - Adult Male Deathgripper

Dozeer - Adult Female Deathgripper



Emberflight - Adult Female Flame Whipper

Firevapor - "Adult" Female Singetail

Cloudwater - Adult Female Hobblegrunt

Pyvnai - Adult Female Silver Phantom

Firefox - Adult Female Monstrous Nightmare

Darkblaze - Adult Male Monstrous Nightmare

Galadia - Adult Female Monstrous Nightmare



Na hide- Adult Female Deadly Nadder


Lutoro- Teen Male Mudraker



Kathaleen - Titan Female Sand Wraith (Primary)

Marqua - Titan Female Scauldron

Sonic Terror - Adult Male Thunderdrum


Scylla - Baby Shockjaw



Allegro - Titan Female Deathsong

Auqania - Titan Female Flightmare

Trojan - "Adult" Male Armorwing


Wart - Baby Male Sweet Death

Fire and Fury - Baby Male Hideous Zippleback



Magnar - Titan Male Crimson Gorecutter

Sentin - "Adult" Elder Male Sentinel

Laval - "Adult" Male Eruptodon

Cloudspike - Adult Female Whispering Death


** "Adult" means that they're grown and can fly, but since they came from the expansion quests, they're not at the game's actual adult level (10)


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woah, well done on the list, love it!

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RotomDex Roasted My Subject...

I'm currently doing the new one :'D

But I'm missing some pictures since some of my dragons are on quests, so I can't really take them on a free picture lol.


Also this thread is pretty dead since it's old and new dragons were added :'D