Toothless stuck in a wall

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On he way to my farm i found this:

Hiccup stands infront of a portal to another area.

Left to him the head of Toothless looks out of a wall.


I like the colors of the rainbor and i like the Night Fury, the Dragon-Species of Toothless

so i used to create a bunch of colorful Night Furys.


I call them the Rainbow-Furys:


Here is a tip to make theese Pictures fit into the Signature:

In the online-editor there is a smal full circle and a half circle in the upper left corner of the editor.

Click the small full circle to save a picture of your creation.

Use the graphic-Program Gimp to edit them.

Resize them to 920 pixel width and 480 pixel hght to delete the control-panels of the online-editor.

Scale it to half width and hight to fit it into the signature

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Toothless' head is mounted on the wall!

Whoa, Toothless couldn't find a better place to stand? It is kind of awkward for them to be waiting for you on that bend in the path. But which quest were you doing when you saw this? I'm a bit behind on them (I entered the caves for the first time just this month). And what is that gift you're going to receive?


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as i made this picture, i was

as i made this picture, i was only on the way to my farm

I saw this often, if i was on this way


You sayd something about a gift.

Do you mean the nutton with the gift-box?

That is a bundle of many differend things, and i can buy it for gems til the timer runs out.

But i don´t need it