Today's glitches XD

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Nothing can be more fun than some good glitchin'! XD

AAAAAAAAH! I'm a ghost!!!

Wait, we actually have mouths?!? Like real ones?? Why do we never use them???!

Yep, it's true. Vikings have no brains

Well that's some hard air! Holds up a dragon!


Hey! Where is the second set of wings?!

Nooo.... Punch me Skyflare, those trees can't be floating!


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I found one in the Training

I found one in the Training Grounds(not sure if it works else where) where if you walk through the 2D trees on the edges of the map, your helmet texture isn't blocked by the tree texture. HILARIOUS


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Lost my head

Well I even lost my head and my helmet plus mask hovered in middle air after I visited my friend XD


By Rebekkah XD Cool name huh? XD

Super Cool Banner by Tori XD

Drawing by my wonderful clan leader Primus04 XD

Another cool banner by Tori XD

Wonderful Banner by Mash XD